Hello, and welcome back to Ghosted! Lets go ahead and jump right in! First off- I realize this is a filler episode, to move the storyline to the next episode, but the amount of character development and revelations were amazing. Like I mentioned last episodes, the new writers really gave every character meaning, and it was truly pleasant to get to know some of the back characters more, while Max and Leroy continue developing themselves as people.

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Leroy invites an old friend, a Psychic named Celeste, to investigate the wire tap. Of course, Merv and Max are suspicious, and do not believe, while Amy and Leroy are firm believers. She mentions Isabelle, and smelling Green, which Max scuffs at. Amy walks her to the elevador, and asks her to sign her book, and she tells Amy the cat is in a dumbwaiter and someone in the office will die on their way home tonight.

Most of the episode is just the characters trying to figure out the different clues, how they can tie into the wire tap, and not going home. One or two leave, before Barry mentions how each time someone makes it home safely, the odds raises for those left to die. Soon, it becomes a mad dash for the exit for most of them.

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The most amazing scene is when Leroy and Max are the last two. Max questions why Leroy believes so much when he doesn’t believe in aliens, and Leroy rebuttals with how aliens is weirder. Turns out Leroy is spiritual, and still refuses to let Max by. Suddenly, Max asks the right question- “You let everyone else leave, why not me?” Leroy has no response, just tells Max to shut up, and he realizes as the viewers realize why- Max is his partner. Leroy’s last partner died and he won’t let that ever happen again. I’m not hugging my pillow, sniffling. You are. I really love the dynamic you can read into between the words, and I really hope Max isn’t badly injured in later episodes.

Leroy finally invites Max over, for the weekend. They are crashing in the office, though you can tell Max doesn’t want to. Luckily, as Leroy drifts off, Max figures out a place called S.A. Belles most likely bugged the office. Sadly, Leroy is asleep, so Max will tell him in the morning. I am sure the main storyline will progress more in the next episode, but it was a truly amazing episode. I wish the series was more intriguing at the beginning, it might of gone for another Season. Instead, we only have 4 more episodes. I hope the conclusion is a decent one, not a cliff hanger. Well, until next week, Stay Shiny!