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In this episode I saw how Troy’s father holds him to a certain standard that he doesn’t live up to. Troy’s desire to befriend other students and partake in irresponsible campus destruction had led his father to require a complete turn around. Troy refers to himself as a funny black guy. Which is one of the reasons why he expects more from him because he knows that Troy is much more than a funny black guy. His first gig at the campus open mic night failed miserably. Though he is known for his partying and charisma with the ladies.

His father expressed his love for him by telling him how much potential he has. Joining AP would make Troy much more than a comedic procrastinator. I thought that troy’s dad is a great example for him, but he should support Troy in whatever he wants to pursue as long as its not pissing off the campus students. As far as running for head of house, I strongly believe that he could run successfully if he takes the job seriously.

Troy was convinced into doing drugs to help find his voice which was a stupid idea. I felt like this episode threw me into too many twist and turns due to his crazy allusions from his high. On the journey of finding his voice, he runs into people that remind of the person he is and the life that he lives. Okay, I have to admit when he was high, it was funny. The scene when he talked to a cute puppy and received advice from it was hilarious! Not to mention the part when he rose out of the fountain butt naked in from of his classmates.

I didn’t think Troy realized what he has put women through from his reckless shenanigans. When Sam expressed her tough time getting over him, if tugged at my heart. To know that a man can lay next to you and still think about another woman, is sickening. Sam bad done a lot for Troy, but in return she received a broken heart. Sam isn’t troy’s only campus hookup remember when he got Coco pregnant? How reckless right? Yet he still makes the time to be with another woman who means nothing to him. I would also like to mention how he even hurt one of his best friends by sleeping with his crush, but who says Sam and Reggie won’t ever be a thing. I think the same way as Coco. Troy is use to being whatever everybody else wants him to be which caused home to find his voice in the first place.