Yvette Nicole Brown got to host a special episode of Talking Dead with new show runner Angela Kang, Thomas Payne, and Khary Payton.

Angela has been around since season 2 in some capacity. As has been discussed in earlier articles she has had some episodes but this is the first year she gets to run the show. She is very excited about it, and from what I have seen so am I.

Angela doesn’t waste time in saying that the Whisperers will be apart of this season, and it might not be the same way that it happened in the comics but they are coming. As the world has died, old technology becomes new again as the world reverts back in time. So a city like the Hilltop is in great shape because they are able to grow their own food. Farmers are very valuable, horses, carriages, and hand to hand weapons, things that are viewed as low level these days are at the top now.

Thomas Payne, who plays Jesus slipped up and Yvette called him out on it very quickly! He was talking about the time jump being a year and a half, and Yvette made sure everyone caught that. It was out so nobody could have played it off but it’s nice to get an idea of how far along things are now.

Andrew Lincoln’s exit is going to hurt everyone, and water is still wet. In other news, Angela confirmed that Ezekiel has a love interest this year, and it’s, CAROL! Yvette is not happy, neither is all the people who want Daryl and Carol to be involved. But Angela says that Carol and Daryl will have their moments.

Maggie and Rick will not see eye to eye, which is not a shock for anyone that saw the previews or the San Diego Comic Con panel. Michonne will have a major adjustment period after Rick leaves. What does that mean for her? I’m interested to see that.

Rick also has differences with Daryl, we learn that from an interview from Norman Reedus. He says that Daryl has always been around, and has been somewhat of a follower. But he has matured by this stage, and he has found his voice, and he has noticed that everyone has always followed one man in Rick Grimes, who has been wrong time and time again be it with the Governor, or the Saviors, and he gets them in trouble time and time again.

We had a sneak peak of the first episode, that shows Daryl and Carol up late at night. Daryl is smoking, and Carol puts it out. Daryl hints around that he is happy for Carol and Ezekiel, even if he is a bit over the top and cheesy. Carol says, after being with Ed cheesy is nice.

Speaking of Ezekiel, the actor Khary Payton said that after Rick was going to be off the show he started packing up his things and got ready to leave Atlanta. He said without the great actor and character that this show has not future and he has to get ready. He said but after reading the script and getting further and further into it he knows that they have so much more story to tell and he put all his things back knowing they are not going anywhere.

He also goes on to say he never really grasped how important his saying of, “and yet I smile” would resonate with people. He says he feels honored that people watch the show and they don’t just shut it off and go on with the day. That people embrace it and take it with them in their daily lives, and how people with health issues would take that mantra with them and he feels blessed to be apart of it.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday October 7th.

Meanwhile Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday August 18th.