The summer television desert is well upon us but one show emerges to pull viewers through the sultry season and keep them on the couch in front of the air conditioner – Preacher. Season three returns to bring sexy back to Southern Gothic drama and to keep us all from going outside to enjoy the sunlight.

Sadly, the love triangle between Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy continues. Despite the fact that one is a vampire, one has no soul, and one isn’t making up her damn mind and the whole group of them are caught up in Gran’ma’s tricks writers keep kicking around the relationship game keeping fans of the show interested in this biter vs bad boy saga.

Tulip’s relationship with Jesse is thrown a curve when she realizes that he and Madame Boyd were romantic, but she’s got other things on her mind as she continues to fight at Jesse’s side for the return of his soul. We learn something important about Jesse; that Tulip isn’t the only woman he has tried to push away from his Gran’ma and her influence.

Cassidy has been through the ringer by now after fighting the pervy teacher to the death, which he doesn’t take very well. Jesse tries to save Cassidy in his own valiant way by shipping him out with the mail but Cassidy comes back to fight for his woman. Jesse sticks Cassidy good, and in front of Tulip, who sneaks him out and gets him on a bus out of town. I start to wonder here if he’s going to use the love potion but he takes his rejection and goes, unknowing that Featherstone is on the bus as well.

Finally, the killer is back in play and we meet Satan who is not at all the way South Park portrayed him. Like Gran’ma, Tulip, and everyone else, Satan wants Jesse’s soul for good and is willing to do anything to get it.

The Game of Nerds coverage of season three of Preacher started a little late this season so next week I’ll review episode 5 and keep at it until we catch up with the really real world.