Image Source: Anita Blake Marvel Comics

In this book, Anita comes up against probably the most monstrous enemy yet. Not only that but she must face the two men she has been doing her best to avoid for two months. At the end of the last book, Obsidian Butterfly, Anita realized she has neglected her men Jean-Claude and Richard. She has distanced herself from as much preternatural as she could. There are consequences that she doesn’t know about that she must clean up. To try and reconnect and fix what’s wrong they decide to “marry” their powers.

Jean-Claude is a vampire with a rare ability. He has the Ardeur which pretty much makes him an incubus. This is an ability that is passable from “parent” vampire to its progeny. Vampire with the Ardeur must feed both on blood and sexual lust sometimes may times a night. Somehow Anita inherited this power as a human servant. She must now feed on lust to keep herself, Jean-Claude and Richard alive, sometimes multiple times a day. For a prude like Anita this is too much. She also stayed away from her vampire servant who is now a feral killing machine that must be locked away behind holy items to keep him weak. Will she be able to bring him back from the madness she caused?

In the middle of trying to heal the havoc, she has wrecked a new pard has come into town. It is headed by a man called Micha. He is the Nimir-Raj or leopard king. His second in command is Merle who used to be the Nimir-Raj. Aside from Micha’s pard from coming to town several of the city’s animal leaders have gone missing.

When Micha and Anita meet literal magick happens. The Ardeur springs to life and Micha and Anita immediately have sex. The wacky thing about the Ardeur is that can also cause you to fall in love and make your heart of hearts known. This happened with Anita and Micha and they immediately became a couple in every sense of the word and Anita becomes his queen.

Chimera is the source of the disappearances. He is a panware which means he carries more than one strain of lycanthropy. He can change into different animals plus his human form too. Each form has a different personality. Too bad none of them are sane. He came to St. Louis to take over the animal groups of the city. It is up to Anita to stop him and protect her now expanded pard and her pack as well as the other shifters of the city. How will she defeat a man that is more beast than man and psychotic to boot? Will Chimaera look at Anita and want to make her his queen too? Let me know what you find out in the comments below.