Currently, the count stands at seven new games licensed for Games Workshop IPs announced in the past day or two. They are as follows.


Image via Warhammer Community

Dice Masters: Battle for Ultrimar

The first of these is taking the Dice Masters system that WizKids has previously used for several previous licenses including Marvel, DC and Dungeons and Dragons. This uses a combination of collectible cards and collectible dice. This starter focuses on the recent Fate of Konor event featuring the always present Ultramarines fighting against the Death Guard.


Image via Warhammer Community

Warhammer: Doomseeker

Doomseeker is a boxed card came where everyone takes on the roll of a dwarf within the Warhammer universe and try to die in the most fantastic way possible.


Image via Warhammer Community

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions

The card games continue! This time in a true collectible card game format.  Warhammer is trying to take on the other long-standing titan of the traditional games community, Magic the Gathering, or at least get a small portion of that market share.


Image via Warhammer Community


Gretchinz! probably looks the most fun out of all of these. Taking the Mad Max style flavor of the Orks and really drives (haha, get it?) home. Tiny monsters and violence in cars, what more could you want?


Image via Warhammer Community

Space Marine: Adventures

Space Marine: Adventures though seems the least interesting. Made to be a marketing piece to put into Barnes and Noble and other places that don’t carry Games Workshop products otherwise.


Image via Warhammer Community

Blitz Bowl

A boiled down version of Blood Bowl. Without much experience of the original, I can’t tell if this will be good or bad, though I imagine some of the unique campaign mechanics found in the original will not be present but at the same time it will be much more pick up and play than the original.


Image via Warhammer Community

The Lord of the Rings: Quest to Mount Doom

The final piece announced so far is a Lord of the Rings game that is attempting to capture the treacherous journey to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring. While it certainly looks more approachable, I don’t think it would truly be able to capture the grandeur and scale of the books and movies in such a small board in the same way that the truly epic War of the Rings does.