I typically don’t follow many things within the pop culture world, as many can tell, but there are a few gems I absolutely adore. One of them being Final Space. San Diego Comic Con boasted many exciting panels and I was super stoked when I saw Grab a Slice with Final Space on Facebook.

Final Space

Source: TV Series Finale

For those that may not have had the opportunity to enjoy the series, Final Space is a combination of science fiction, action adventure and romantic comedy. Gary, the loveable protagonist, has been sent to a futuristic prison for about five years, give or take. This chamber is a sentient artificially intelligent ship named H.U.E. who will eventually be the dearest friend Gary has. During his time in space he happens upon the most adorable ball of cuteness, Mooncake, also known for his planet destroying abilities, as well as his main man Avocato, the cool rebel whose only mission in life is to save his son Little Cato from the evil Lord Commander. Together along with Quinn, Gary’s love interest and super smart adventurer, they will attempt to save the world and eat a few cookies along the way.   

Final Space

Source: Comics Beat

Olan Rogers, voice actor for Gary and Mooncake, and Coty Galloway, Avocato, took the stage at Team Coco House to enjoy a slice of pizza and talk shop with their adoring fans. The playful banter allowed fans to have a causal question and answer segment.Questions ranged from the serious, like how to spell chokity, to the extra serious, who would win in a fight, Mooncake or Goku? The obvious answer was Mooncake, he is condensed final space after all. Rogers and Galloway lit up the stage and left fans stoked for season two which they are currently working on.

Final Space

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In the end, I adore Rogers and Galloway, but one thing really bothered me about this interview. They hardly touched their pizza! The ooey, gooey slices of heaven laid silently on the floor with no one to love them. This was truly the most depressing part of the whole interview, I can only hope after they left the stage, the pizza was given the proper attention it deserved.

If you weren’t able to catch the action, head on over to the Final Space Facebook page!