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Dragon Ball Super — Episode 72 Review

The mystery of who sent Hit after Goku is finally revealed!

Slight spoilers may be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on! This review is based off of the dub version of Super that currently airs on Toonami.

Episode 72 picks up right where we left of in the previous episode with Goku dead from Hit’s assassination. Goten, Gohan and Piccolo make their way to Goku’s lifeless body and try to revive him but to no avail until the Ki blast that Goku shot up into the air just before dying comes back down and hits him directly. Basically the Ki blast ended up being a defibrillator for his heart!

Dragon Ball Super - Episode 72
Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

Goku is then back to normal for the most part, telling the others what’s up and that he’s going after Hit again to get payback. Hit on the other hand talks psychically to the group, causing Goku to get fired up and flies after him to finish the fight. At first Goku lands in a forest area and begins to sense around for Hit; he actually manages to find Hit but at the last second and just narrowly dodges the killing attack again. They then take the fight to a cliffside at night.

Overlooking the sea, Goku powers up his Super Saiyan Blue form like a beacon to attract Hit to him, which works and they begin to fight more destroying the surroundings. Goku fights in his usual style while Hit shows off a few new tricks he learned. Along side such abilities like Pure Progress and Time Skip, HIt is now able to enter a pocket dimension that is only accessible to him. This throws Goku off guard as his punches go right through HIt! Eventually Goku aims to get some distance between him and the assassin, he then realizes that his hands are shaking and HIt quips that it’s because Goku’s afraid of dying.

Dragon Ball Super — Episode 72
Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

We next pick up with Whis and Vegeta training while Beerus watches on. Vegeta is getting tired of sparing with Whis and comes up with bribe that he’ll cook the best steak ever featuring his grandmother’s secret sauce to both Whis and Beerus. The two deities agree to the meal and we’re taken back to earth where Goku is taking on Hit still.

But before we get right into the fight, we find out that both Champa and Valdos were watching the two fight the whole time. Valdos ends up explaining the new technique that Hit is using and it completely confuses Champa. Goku and Hit fight a bit more and critique each other’s skill until Vegeta, Beerus and Whis appear again. The gods and Vegeta finally make their presence known and ask Goku what exactly is going on. Goku explains it all to Beerus, but the god of destruction wants Goku to hurry it up. This causes Goku to power up significantly into a blast of overwhelming power that shatters Hit’s pocket dimension in a blinding light!

Dragon Ball Super — Episode 72
Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

After this, both Goku and Hit are passed out on the rocks as the gods and Vegeta come in closer to the two. At first Beerus wonders if it was Vegeta who ordered Hit to kill Goku but then Vegeta snaps back at Beerus and then quickly apologies. After a few more guessing, it’s actually revealed that Goku himself hired Hit to kill him! Goku set this whole thing up in order to train and face Hit again after the previous tournament and not seeing him at the baseball game episodes prior. Hit then says for Goku to keep his guard up and that he will be back to finish the job; he then vanishes away from everyone. Eventually Goten, Gohan, Piccolo and Chi Chi show up and Goku asks Vegeta to not tell his wife about this all. Vegeta on the other hand is freaking out that he doesn’t know how to make steak and that he doesn’t even know if he has a grandmother to close out the episode!

Dragon Ball Super — Episode 72
Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

Overall, the episode was actually really good and fed that itch of having a classic Dragon Ball Z style Goku once more; as in his serious and a ready fight attitude against Hit. We haven’t seen this kind of Goku in a long time, and yeah sure Goku was a bit carefree after coming back from death at the start of the episode and the whole grand reveal at the very end but this was still like how he was in Dragon Ball Z. So I can’t complain with that. We also got a bit more foreshadowing with the deities talking about Zeno’s grand tournament which is right around the corner too. On top of that we got more Hit and found out slightly more how powerful he is compared to a Super Saiyan Blue. So overall this mini-arc was not at all filler and inched us closer to the next larger saga, just hope that the next episode is something similar and not a flat out filler now.

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