Here we are, seven remaining Pokémon. It is time for YOU to have the reasoning behind your Abilities contemplated in this third and final catchup round of the Pokémon Origins Game!

pokemon drowzee

  1. Drowzee
    Ability: Insomnia, Forewarn, Inner Focus (hidden)

Drowzee’s always been on Creep Alert for its very specific diet. This psychic tapir has weirded out the fanbase for years due to its dalliances hypnotizing humans in order to eat their dreams. Despite this mastery of somnolent influence, Drowzee appears to be a sleepy fellow itself, shambling along the world with bags under its eyes. For these reasons it fits for Drowzee to have Insomnia, which prevents it from falling asleep in battle. Forewarn specifies the first opponent’s strongest attack calculated by weaknesses and base power, all upon first sight. Drowzee seems nuanced enough in the art of hypnotics to have an Ability that essentially intuits the potential inside someone else’s very being. Inner Focus sounds like a good hidden Ability for Drowzee because it needs to concentrate in order to lull victims to sleep. Inner Focus prevents the bearer from flinching.

pokemon flygon

  1. Flygon
    Ability: Levitate

Flygon is a Ground-type, but also an insectoid dragon. More to the point, Flygon is an insectoid dragon with the name F-L-Y. These Pokémon are known as the Spirit of the Desert for the sonorous melodies their wings make as they soar across arid lands, kicking up sandstorms in their wake. It’s only natural that this Pokémon would Levitate, granting immunity to Ground-type moves. The choice isn’t all about having wings, either. Even if Flygon didn’t have those aerial appendages, Pokémon originated in Japan, and Japanese dragons don’t need wings to fly.

pokemon pidove


  1. Pidove
    Ability: Super Luck, Big Pecks, Rivalry (hidden)

The little pigeon with big guts. No, not literally Guts…well, on the inside the guts are literal but the capital clearly specifies…you know what, let’s move on. Pidove’s Abilities are Super Luck, Big Pecks, and Rivalry. Super Luck increases the bearer’s critical hit ratio. The Ability’s name alone sounds fitting for a plucky little bird with a friendly demeanor and wide, round eyes. Big Pecks prevents the bearer’s Defense from being lowered. This may refer to Pidove’s fighting with such spirit that it cannot be caught off-guard. I thought maybe those heart-shaped feathers on its chest were really solid. Rivalry seems like a keen choice, too. Pidove is a young Pokémon based off two highly social species of birds: pigeons and doves. The guff of the former in particular could easily see its Pokémon parallel competitive, raising its Attack against an opponent of the same gender and lowering it against one of the opposite.

On another note, Rivalry might have to do with this species’ common environment. Pidove are known for flocking in cities, where they cohabitate among the human populace. Perhaps the sociability of these birds combined with its environment equipped it with the right kind of street smarts to sprout a competitive personality. I may just be playing off stereotypes of New York, though. Ey Tony, whaddaya talking about?

Rivalry may also reference Pidove’s final evolution, which refuses to be close to anyone besides its trainer.


pokemon elgyem and beheeyem

  1. Elgyem and Beheeyem
    Ability: Telepathy, Synchronize, Analytic (hidden)

At last, confirmed alien Pokémon! Rather insidious ones, too—these guys can squeeze our brains and rewrite our memories! Beheeyem takes after the sci-fi invention of Bug-Eyed Monsters from outer space. Its pre-evolution, Elgyem, takes after Little Green Men. They share their Ability sets. I like to think of Analytic as a trick up the sleeve, since it’s their hidden Ability. Analytic increases the bearer’s attack power by 30% if they move last. This is an intellectual reserve for alien residents who carefully observe their opponents before making their move…and it takes advantage of their suffering Speed. Its second ability, Synchronize, duplicates the bearer’s Poison, Burn, or Paralyze condition onto the opponent. Afflicting a foe with the bearer’s own condition is another believable capability of extraterrestrial beings with the power to control minds. Finally, Telepathy prevents the bearer from ally damage. Aliens are totally known for their crazy mind powers and the ways in which they communicate with other sentient species. Giving them telepathic Abilities is perfect.

pokemon honedge


  1. Honedge
    Ability: No Guard

If you have an armory, you better hope Honedge doesn’t cozy up any time soon. Honedge is a spooky ghost sword that drains the life of anyone who grabs its hilt. Maybe the spirit possessing it imagines itself to be a great warrior. It is, after all, named for one who hones their skills. This vengeful ancient weapon would absolutely have an Ability that makes every single attack hit when it’s in battle, immunity notwithstanding. Live for the fight! But Honedge is dead. Reanimate for the fight!


pokemon hitmonchan


  1. Hitmonchan
    Abilities: Iron Fist, Keen Eye, Inner Focus (hidden)

A fighting Pokémon that shows off the combative art it specializes in. Hitmonchan’s Iron Fist raises the power of punching moves, which is great because this Pokémon is all about boxing. Keen Eye prevents accuracy drops, a perfect Ability for a fighter as trained as Hitmonchan. These Pokémon fire punches at lightning-speed! To utilize such velocity requires focus on an opponent at all times.

Inner Focus is a good hidden Ability. Hitmonchan was developed partly after legendary martial artist Jackie Chan. It is homage to give this Pokémon the discipline to never flinch in battle.

Well, that’s it. I have now speculated the Abilities given to every Pokémon featured in the Pokémon Origins Game. Now I can return to the usual gameplay of guessing Abilities, name origins, type origins, and design origins of each Pokémon that makes it way to these articles. Wait, isn’t that just giving me more work? Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!