We are finally back on track with HGAWM and it is the last season of the show. We left off in season 5 with Laurel and Christopher just vanishing into thin air. We don’t know if Xavier took her or if she ran away or if she is dead. She is gone and no one knows where. As it is HTGAWM’s normal fashion to start backward and work our way up to the present so I guess we will find out what happened in due time. Meanwhile, Annalise is in rehab for her drinking and it must be that she is spiraling out of control. The gang is handling it as they normally would, thinking of themselves and woe is me and who is gonna be there for me and then being pissy when they all have received help in some way, shape, or form. Bunch of ungrateful, spoiled brats. Still, Annalise gets blamed for like everything. When things go good and when they go bad. She cannot win.

Forgot that Emmett died last season too, so they are also dealing with that. Tegan has become a partner and her motives are still questionable and who the side she is on is also still questionable. But despite the death of Emmett, she seems content with the outcome. But who does she serve? Herself, C&G, or Annalise. Still up in the air. But like the gang, she needs something from Annalise too. They all seem to no need her while she is steadily cleaning up messes, but when she needs time to herself she can’t get it. All anyone does is play the blame game.

They end up doing what they do best and claim they are researching into Laurel’s disappearance but stumble across other information. The gang assumes that they were all chosen by Annalise because they all bring something to the table. This includes Michaela’s background. And Frank has gotten into the search and seeks Oliver’s help in tracking her phone. It is just so much going on right now.

Nate is all over the place since his dad died and he killed Miller, who by the way was innocent. He seems to look for the bad in everyone. But to what end? Wouldn’t it be justification for him murdering Miller? Is there some sort of self-discovery path that he is on? I don’t understand him bloodhound like tendencies. He’s not a cop anymore and now he just seems to be digging for information that no one is asking for or needs. What will his search bring, closure, peace? I don’t think either of those things will come for his character. They should just have him turn himself in for Miller’s murder and be done with his character. Not eye candy anymore…

So while all this is going on they are trying to continue on with their lives. Michaela is still on the search for her birth parents, all thanks to Gabriel. She and Asher come to a mutual understanding after a meaningless heart to heart. But everything about all the relationships in the show is not so transparent and fake feeling. They don’t care about each other as much as they say they do, they turn on each other too quickly. Michaela also comes to terms with her feelings for Gabriel. And they finally take it to the next level after some shallow self-discovery.

And who ends up suffering for it the most, Annalise. Because somehow, someway it is all her fault. But again SHE DIDN’T KILL ANYONE OR ASK ANYONE TO KILL FOR HER. She is just trying to keep the ones who committed the crimes safe. And she ends up destroying herself for it. The best part about this episode is that she, Annalise, finally comes to some hard truths about herself and what she wants. And most of all, she forgives herself for the things that she had done. The hardest person to love and forgive is yourself. Now she is back.

But guess who makes an appearance on the scene after all these years. Gabriel’s mom, Vivian. Now, what trouble is she gonna stir up……And then Asher spills the beans about what Annalise knows in regards to Michaela’s birth parents.