Adventure Time’s panel was a treat for fans in attendance with multiple live musical performances of the series most iconic songs, but left us at gone fans desperate for clips and hungry for more exciting news.

The biggest take away is a FINALE DATE! The finale will air on Monday, Spetember 3rd at 6pm (ET/PT). The next day a special DVD collection titled “The Final Seasons” will hit shelves that includes all of the episodes from seasons 8-10, and sounds like a collectors dream (except no word on if this will include specials).

Adventure Time Final Adventure – Via Cartoon Network’s Official YouTube

Precious panel time was wasted promoting the minecraft styled special “Diamonds & Lemons” which premiered hours later Friday at 7pm. If you missed it don’t be surprised or too heartbroken, unless you’re a Lemongrab fan — then you obviously need to go watch it!

Jeremy Shada – Official Twitter

Jeremy Shada, voice of Finn, had to leave the panel in the middle to run over to the Voltron panel that the geniuses at SDCC planned to be at the same time. People were not amused by the poor planning, but fans were very understanding of his situation and took to twitter to make clone jokes and send him their best.