Over 50 years after the groundbreaking Disney hit Mary Poppins appeared in theaters and left its mark on children and adults alike, the nanny heroine is finally returning to the screen.

When news broke that Mary Poppins would be getting a sequel, the response was decidedly split. Some fans believed that no sequel would ever do justice to the original, while others felt that the spirit of the beloved character needed to be revived once more. The character was originally played by the incomparable Julie Andrews, and joining her was the fantastic Dick Van Dyke. These two powerhouse performances would be undoubtedly difficult to follow up, and proper casting would be the key to winning over the fans that were perhaps still stuck in 60s.

Disney delivered on their promise of a proper sequel with the casting of Emily Blunt in the title role and Lin-Manuel Miranda as her companion, Jack.

According to the trailer and the D23 panel, it appears that the film will take place in Depression-era London and follow a full grown Jane & Micheal Banks, who now have their own children. It appears that the Banks’ have once again lost the magic in their lives, and they will have to call upon a certain special nanny to discover it again.

We don’t know much beyond this short summary, which I’m not complaining about because I think that the less we know the more we will enjoy the story in the theaters. All you really need to know is that Mary Poppins is, well, returning to work more of her magic.

I am interested to see what direction they take with this film, as viewer critique of the original film was that they weren’t quite sure what to make of Mary Poppins’ antics. She seemed to have little motivation and no conflict whatsoever. Will this film delve into who this enigmatic character is, or will it, like the original, feel that the magic is better left unexplained? Of course, Disney did attempt to answer the question of who Mary Poppins really was in their 2013 film Saving Mr. Banks, which was a biopic about the author of the Mary Poppins novels, P.L. Travers — I highly recommend this film if you haven’t seen it!

Anyways, I’m extremely excited for this film — I think that the casting is perfect and the story has a solid enough launching point. It’s going to be a quintessential feel-good film, releasing right during the holidays, and it’s artistic visual style may also have a shot at nabbing some award nominations.

Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters December 19, 2018.