Anita Jean-Claude

Source: Marvel

Anita gets a call from a very upset and frazzled woman named Beatrice Morgan who is looking for Mike, one of Anita’s boyfriends. Anita is completely confused and almost completely ignores the call. Turns out it is Micah’s mother. His father, Rush, is dying and Beatrice, Bea to her friends, wants Micah to come home before his father passes. Bea and Rush have been divorced for years but she is still begging on his behalf.

Why not call Micah you ask? Chimera. Chimera who was once head of Micah’s pard before Anita killed him, threatened to kill Micah’s family so he had to pretend that he cared nothing for them, even hated them to spare their lives. Micah said some very mean things in order to convince Chimera. Bea couldn’t take it if he really meant those things and said them again to her so she called Anita.

Rush was bitten by a rotting zombie and is now rotting from the outside in. The process can’t be stopped only slowed for a brief period. I do mean brief, only five days. Bea wants Micah to have the chance to make peace with his father and say good-bye. Now going home has come up between Micah and Anita before but always left at a “maybe one day” type of thing. Micah has no problem taking Anita home to meet his folks, but what about Nathaniel? Nathaniel is as much a part of their relationship as Anita and Micah but Micah is worried about how his family would take it. Micah isn’t really gay or bisexual in the way that Nathaniel is, but he is accepting of Nathaniel’s place in Anita’s heart, bed, metaphysics, life and even his own life, heart and bed. The problem is will his family be as accepting?

While at Rush’s bedside Anita learns that he was bitten while on the job. Rush is a sheriff. Unfortunately he isn’t the only one. Anita knows monsters but zombies are her area of expertise as she has been raising them most of her life. As a general rule zombies don’t attack unless they are murder victims. Also, being a zombie isn’t contagious like vampirism and lycanthropy so this shouldn’t be happening. So instead of being at Micah’s side to comfort him, she is roped into a hunt that she needs backup for. Not only must she use the bodyguards she brought from home but Edward comes as backup with a flamethrower.

Can Anita hunt down and stop the monster doing this before the body count gets much higher? Who will Anita lose in the process? Will Micah’s family accept him and his relationship or will he be cast out because of it? Read the book and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Till next week…