Dreamcast Lust, Part One

Dreamcast Lust - retro games with extreme play value
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I’ve always been a fan of the Dreamcast; something about this Japanese-spawned gaming platform from SEGA has really always appealed to me.  Coming along around year 2000, the system garnered a nice amount of innovative games and game systems considering its’ short lifespan.  Nice fighters like Soul Calibur, fun racers like San Francisco Rush 2049 and Crazy Taxi, RPG interactive games like Shenmu, platfomers like Sonic and Jet Set Radio, and just plain weird shit like Caution:Seaman, where you get to raise a voice-interactive fish-man hybrid (played by Leonard Nimoy, no less).


But I passed my Dreamcast over years ago, so my lust to play Dreamcast games has set idly by.  True, there have been ports of some games like Soul Caliber to other platforms, but the core titles for the Dreamcast have been only available for the console itself pretty much (outside of limited poky emulator support).

A quick look through replacement Dreamcast consoles on eBay in June 2018 found a bunch of pawn-shop rejects on the low-end.  These were Dreamcast units with no power or video cable, no controllers, and no guarantee of working status.  Hard to generate a buying interest that way…

Having an interest in game emulation, I wandered over to Google to see what kind of Dreamcast emulation was out there for newer consoles like my Xbox One, as opposed to buying a “mystery box”on eBay.  I figured the Xbox One should have clearly  have enough new components to run Dreamcast games in emulation.  Outside of a project that started in Summer 2017 with no results so far (WinDC10), there was nothing to show for my search, outside of a link on the developer’s page to Steam emulators.

That link did the trick – once on the Steam website, I typed in “Dreamcast” to see what was available, and lo and behold, there were my Dreamcast games, in ready-to-play Steam versions.


Source: Steam Store


To be sure, there isn’t everything available for the Dreamcast here, but there’s a nice set of proprietary titles available, and more to come in what looks like a steady release schedule.  And it’s clear that there’s support from the Steam developers as well, with nice game bundles available as well:


Source: Steam Store


7 games for the Dreamcast for less than $5 for a Summer Sale is a nice thing…

Note that most of these games will only run under Steam on Windows, and you should really see about getting a Bluetooth Xbox One game controller that will connect to your Windows box to make your Dreamcast emulation experience work well…

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