vampirella vs anita blake

Source gerryphan13 deviant art

Anita is back in St. Louis and there are zombies to raise and politics to juggle and recitals to attend. Marmee Noir is still gunning for Anita. She has found that she cannot take over Anita’s body like she wanted to and now she is furious. Anita and her friends thought they had destroyed Mommy Dearest’s body almost a year ago so they were caught off guard when she begins to possess the Vampire Counsel. The next trick in Mommy Dearest’s hat is to cause a feeding frenzy that is meant to kill those near and dear to Anita and possibly Anita herself.

Marmee Noir’s reach is so wide that it is felt in Vegas by ALL the Changs. Even Belle Morte is afraid and she is Never afraid. She told Anita to run if she can.

In the metaphysical fight between the Mother of All Darkness and Anita she (Anita) reached out to both her triumvirates to help keep her from killing or dying. The bloodlust was able be turned to the arduer. It spread out of the bedroom and throughout the circus. Once the orgy was done it was time for everyone to clean up. Haven, the Rex of the local pride, says he’s in love with her and is trying to get rid of his competition.

Haven tries to kill Nathaniel. Noel saved him unfortunately in doing so Noel lost his life in his heroic act. Haven was trying to kill Nathaniel because Anita loves him more and was hoping that by taking Nathaniel out he could take Nathaniel’s place.

There is also a hit out on Anita, Richard and Jean-Claude. Jacob, one of the werelions that kidnapped Anita for Mr. Bennington called to warn her of the hit but waited 2 days because he is still mad that Anita rolled him. Anita ordered him to call her if he gets any more information. He must comply. When Anita contacts Richard mind to mind to warn him of the on coming danger, he is shot in the chest.

Will Richard survive? Who will Anita kill to save the men she loves and those she has vowed to protect? Until next week…