While most people would look at these toys and think “they can’t be worth money?” The truth is there are quite a few of them that ARE worth a lot of money. As Funko gathers more and more licensing, different fans are being sucked into the Funko Lifestyle.  Older pops are being vaulted and only certain number of  specific pops are being made. If you aren’t familiar with Funko Collecting and what all the stickers mean, we highly suggest checking out fellow Funko collector and TGON Writer’s Jon’s article on the subject! As most people know, our founder and her husband are avid Funko collectors and were recently chosen as winners of #FunkoPhotoADay challenge. You can check out their Instagram for more on our extensive collection. As a part of the Funko community, we’ve gotten to meet a variety of people with different levels of collections. Everyone has their own “grails” these next ones just happened to be the most expensive Funko Pops as of May 2018 and these lists constantly change:

10) Notorious B.I.G – Metallic


Source: Ebay

Funko reaches all walks of life whether it’s TV, movies, video games, music, or sports. The first one on our countdown is from the Music & Celebrities collection. Meet the Metallic Notorious B.I.G Metallic Version. This was an exclusive pop sold only at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) in 2011. So if you weren’t there to physically get one you were going to have to find someone to buy it off of.  To make matters worse, only 240 of these pops were made in this edition and the pop’s price just recently jumped. This single pop will currently cost you $2,200.

9) Green Lantern – Glow in The Dark


Source: Coleka

DC fans rejoice! Here is your top pop on our list, but it’s the only one, unfortunately.  The next most expensive DC Comics is the Blue Batman from SDCC 2010 at $1000. This Green Lantern is not only an SDCC exclusive but he glows in the dark. In 2010 there was once again only 240 of this edition to go around. The current value of this pop is $2,400.

8) Freddy Funko – Deadpool Grey


Source: Comic Book Hunter & Gatherer

For those who aren’t familiar with Freddy, he is Funko’s mascot. Every year Funko creates various Freddies from different movies and tv shows. This is the Deadpool version. In 2014 at San Diego Comic-Con,  Funko unleashed only 24 of these Grey editions and 24 Orange editions. The only difference is the color of the body and hair. The Orange Deadpool Freddy is valued at $2000 which landed it just out of this list. The Grey Deadpool Freddy is worth $2,500.

7) Glow in the Dark Beetlejuice Freedy Funko


Source: EBAY

Another Freddy Funko makes the list. This time it’s a Beetlejuice version and he glows in the dark. As you can tell SDCC Freddy Funko’s are a huge deal to collectors. Plus getting your hands on some of these are really hard. Take this one for example. When it came out at SDCC in 2012 only 12 of these gruesome Freddys were made! If you want to get your hands on this pop it’s going to cost you $2575

6) Stan Lee – Superhero Red Metallic


Source: PopPriceGuide.com

Marvel Creator Stan Lee is no stranger to Funko. The Marvel Pop Vinyl! collection is huge! Stan Lee has multiple variations of his own pops from different conventions, events, and even cameos in movies! While this is a more recent pop it wasn’t released at SDCC. This pop was actually released at Los Angeles Comic Con which is Stan Lee’s Comic-Con! There were only 12 released in 2017! This Stan Lee Superhero will set you back $2,600.

5) Freddy Funko – Black Ranger


Source: Looper

I know you’re probably thinking, “Man that’s a lot of Freddy Funkos” but I promise you this one wasn’t available at SDCC. This particular Freddy Funko version was available at a huge event called Funko Fundays. For Funatics (Funko Fans), Funko Fundays is one of the largest events for them all year. It’s an exclusive ticket-only party the same weekend as SDCC in San Diego. Usually, this event ends up being waitlisted and fans dream of going with the same like passion as going to SDCC. This special edition pop happens to be from the July 2017 Funko Fundays and only 12 were made. If you happen to need it for your Power Rangers collection it’s currently valued at $3,200.

4) Freddy Funko – Metallic Count Chocula


Source: EBAY

This SDCC exclusive speaks to Funko’s beginnings. Before Pops were born, Funko was known for its Wacky Wobblers for brands like cereal, tv, cartoons etc. You can learn all about the history of Funko on their new documentary on Netflix called, The Making of Fun.  Of course in 2011 at San Diego Comic-Con, they created 12 of these Freddy Funko Count Choculas and made them metallic! He’s currently worth $3,519. 

3) Freddy Funko – Metallic Franken Berry


Source: PicClick.com

I promise this is the last Freddy Funko on our list! Not to be outdone by Metallic Count Chocula Freddy, Metallic Franken Berry Freddy was made the same year for San Diego Comic Con. Once again only 12 were made of this edition. But the current price for this pop is at $3,700.

2) Dumbo – Gold


Dumbo Gold Source: Cardboard Connection

Dumbo takes the second highest slot with this Gold version. Only $300 more than the Freddy in #3, this Dumbo will set you back $4,000 if you want to add it your collection. It was a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive released in 2013. Only 48 of these Golden Dumbo’s were made thus why it’s so expensive!

1) Dumbo – Clown


Dunko Clown Funko Pop Source: poppriceguide.com

Yep, this sweet little thing is the most expensive pop out there right now. Its current trade value is $5,000. It was originally released in 2013 at San Diego Comic-Con. Only 48 of these were made along with the Gold Dumbo! It’s amazing how this is one of the most valuable Pop Vinyl! in the entire Funko Collection. To those who have this mighty grail in their collection, we bow down to you!

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