Interested in an  RPG-inspired series that explores epic adventures and love between two magically endowed ladies? You’re on the right page because I am introducing the WEBTOON creator, Color_LES!

Color_LES, known online as Kuru, is a comic artist and creator specializing in Yuri. What is Yuri? Good question! Yuri is a Japanese genre of media that focuses on intimate relationships between female characters, and Color_LES’ main comic is an excellent example of a uniquely RPG-inspired Yuri that I highly recommend reading!

Color_LES is best known for her WEBTOON sensation, Mage & Demon Queen, which follows the young and oddly charming adventurer Malori’s adventures as she tries to win the heart of the powerfully deadly Demon Queen, Velverosa. For years, Malori has been (arguably) obsessed with Queen Vel and truly believes defeating her in combat will win her over. But will beating Vel in a fight really win her heart, or will something more blossom between them beyond the battlefield? Read along to see how this odd couple of magic users overcome their differences and forge a beautifully comedic bond that will make you laugh and cry (tears of joy) altogether!

As a major fan of RPGs and webcomics, I love when the two are combined, and Mage & Demon Queen is by far one of my favorite representations of queer RPG. I love the fun art style, and the storyline perfectly replicates an actual RPG. If you play role-playing games and love webcomics like me, this comic is right for you! And if you want to support Color_LES further and gain access to sneak peeks, bonus content, and more, consider signing up for her Patreon for as little as one dollar a month!

Mage & Demon Queen aside, Color_LES had another project. For Pride Month, WEBTOON produced a new queer mini-anthology representing love, empowerment, and desire called Love Stories. To bring this anthology to life, three songwriters were paired with three hand-picked WEBTOON creators to create beautiful little stories representing the queer community. As part of the collaboration, Color_LES was paired with American singer and songwriter Hayley Kiyoko to create an original LGBTQIA+ love story inspired by her hit song “Forever.” What came out of this collaboration was a heartwarming story about love and acceptance. I recommend reading it!

Interested in learning more about Color_LES? If you want to learn about Color_LES’ comic and creative process, the following passage includes an in-depth Q&A that delves into what it takes to be a comic creator and what brought Mage & Demon Queen to life! 

  1. What led you to become a comic creator? 

I’ve always loved comics and drawing ever since I was young. Since I was a kid, it’s been my dream to create my own comics and make a living. 

  1. What inspires you to keep on creating? 

 There aren’t enough Yuri/Girls’ Love comics out there, so I want to contribute with my own! 

  1. Can you describe your average work day? 

I work for more than 10 hours a day. I write and do the storyboard, prepare the sketches for my assistants, and then quality check and polish each panel. I seldom get any day off, but I’m taking things slower now since I used to work myself sick with how intense things were. 

  1. What inevitably led you to use WEBTOON as a platform? 

They’re one of the biggest webcomic platforms out there. There’s a large community and fanbase, and I’ve seen my artist friends post their work there, too.

  1. What inspired Mage & Demon Queen

It’s an embarrassing story… but I was into the deadly/ scary femme fatale x sunshine/ innocent girl ship back then. I thought there were no Yuri comics with that trope, so I tried to make it. 

  1. What drives you to tell this particular story? 

I was in a dark place back then, so I wanted to write something that would entertain people and make them smile. I’m doing much better now, and what’s driving me to continue is my fans! I never thought we’d get so much love and support. I’m truly thankful to them. 

  1. Who is your favorite Mage & Demon Queen character, and why?

Velverosa! She’s hot. I like Malori, too, but she makes me cringe. 

Malori (left), Velverosa (right). Artist: Color_LES. Photo Source: WEBTOON PR.
  1. If you woke up in an RPG, what character type would you be, and what would be your ultimate goal?

 A magic knight! Or a beast summoner/tamer. Or a ninja! 

My goal would be to get strong, become rich, and get a girlfriend in the RPG! 

— Just like in real life…. 

  1. What would you suggest to aspiring comic creators? 

Watch and read a lot of stories. And don’t be afraid to start on what you wanna do. It’s alright to make mistakes and learn along the way.  

  1. What was it like collaborating with Hayley Kiyoko on Love Stories? 

Our schedule was really tight on both sides- Hayley’s on tour, and my team was also working on Mage & Demon Queen. I’m amazed that we still managed to finish everything on time, and we’re thankful to Hayley’s team for their cooperation. It was hectic, but still an honor and a pleasure. 

  1. How familiar with her music with you before you started that partnership to create “Forever”?

I only listen to Japanese songs, so I didn’t know about Hayley. When WEBTOON partnered us with her, I listened to her music and was hooked! I also liked the other music artists- AVA MAX and MAY-A. Their songs are on my playlists now. 

  1. How did your fans respond to hearing you got to work with a beloved pop icon? 

They were surprised! A lot of them said they had never dreamt of us collaborating. I’m really thankful to WEBTOON for picking me for this wonderful opportunity.  

Mage & Demon Queen has recently resumed its third season, with new episodes debuting every Wednesday! Check it out and see this fantasy world for yourself!