Or shall we say a Single PINK Rose….

Steven is understandably distressed after witnessing the flashback of Pearl from the Moon Base.

The comedy of Amythest talking Pearl through using her phone, changing wallpaper and such is fantastic. And Pearl texts the same way that my friend does, by signing the message at the end with her name.


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Steven casually asks Pearl if she shattered Pink Diamond. Pearl is silenced again, as Amethyst comes in with a phone case in hand.

Pearl stuffed her phone inside her gem and left the room. Steven later receives a text from Pearl saying, “I want to tell you but I can’t.” And later a text with a pale rose emoji.

Pearl suggests she keep Steven’s phone while he retrieves Pearl’s phone. The Pearl inside Pearl’s Pearl is extremely concise in her categorizing. All of the phone numbers Pearl has received made me so proud.

The “surface” Pearl warns that going to meet the other Pearls was where there’s a mess. Steven trods through memories of Pearl’s, as she’s seen crying because Rose is pregnant.

P: “She can’t have a baby.”
S: “Well, this is awkward.”


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Pearl then sends Steven to “where she lost everything else” as Steven walks onto the Strawberry Battlefields, deeply ensconced in the trauma that Pearl’s been hiding all these years. Rose is seen at Pink Diamond’s palanquin, but Steven comes closer to see Pearl having shape shifted into Rose. She’s carrying Pink Diamond’s gem, as Gems cry out in pain around them.

Steven again steps into Pearl’s gem, as Steven steps inside the palanquin. Rose excitedly wishes for freedom, wanting to escape Pink Diamond’s role as the other diamonds don’t care about her. And Rose, aka Pink Diamond, loves the earth too much to see it destroyed as a colony.

Rose is seen shape shifting back into her original form, with Pearl traveling behind, sword in hand. Pink swallows her “shards” as Pearl is seen promising to never speak of doing any of this. It’s revealed Pink Diamond’s order has kept her secret all these years.

Rose passes Pearl a pale rose, settling in Pearl’s hair as they start the process. Pearl apologizes for making Steven travel so far, offering Pearl’s phone as Pearl becomes Rose, shattering Pink Diamond. It was Pearl who committed the crime, under the order of Pink Diamond herself.

Steven simply texts “found it” as he witnesses the shattering, as “Rose” clutches the pink diamond gem Steven saw earlier.

As Steven reenters the living room, Steven simply says, “Mom was Pink Diamond.” It seems to settle heavily in his words, as Garnet’s hands go up in shock behind him, and Amethyst simply says “WWHHAAT??”

I loved that ending, because I myself could relate to the shock that came with such a big reveal. How will Pink Diamond’s shattering be handedly by the Crystal Gems now? What will Pearl have to say for herself to defend her actions? How will Greg handle the news?


With some questions finally answered, there are always more to come.

Tell us: What did you think of Pink Diamond’s reveal?