Is the world ready for Covid comedy? Wait, I need to do something first.

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Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I want to remind everyone of that epic, screaming rant Tom Cruise had on the set of Mission Impossible 7 when he saw some of the crew members standing less than six feet from one another, watching a daily on a computer screen. The moment was recorded on someone’s cell phone hidden in their pocket and leaked to the press. Though the moment was beyond cringeworthy, could anyone really blame the man? Not only is he the star of the movie, performing much of his own stunts, he’s the producer as well, which means he’s dependent on everything being tip-top and making sure the money is still coming in from investors and the studio. On top of that, he was paying for a cruise ship (pun not intended), so the entire film crew could be quarantined from the country they were filming in. Many people supported his actions, whereas others, like me, found it hilarious. Filming movies during a worldwide pandemic is ripe with material for comedy gold.

So brings a Judd Apatow meta-comedy satire called The Bubble, about actors and filmmakers stuck in a hotel in England, making a bad movie franchise during a worldwide pandemic for the sake of a studio system not to lose money. The film brings together many of today’s biggest names in our current era of action/adventure films: The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal; Guardian’s of the Galaxy‘s Karen Gillian. As well as David Duchovny and very funny comedian Keegan-Michael Key. And as per-Judd-Apatow-usual, Apatow’s wife, Leslie Mann, plays a major role as a famous actress, and their daughter Iris Apatow is a famous social media influencer turned action movie star. Too bad Maude Apatow isn’t in this film. I guess she was too busy coming into her own stardom in HBO’s Euphoria.

Source: Credit: Laura Radford/Netflix

What Hollywood is really good at is making fun of itself. I’m sure that after hearing the recording of Tom Cruise screaming at his film crew, Judd Apatow came up with this film.

The Bubble will be streaming on Netflix on April 1st. Here’s the trailer below:

And here’s a mockumentary behind the scenes look at the film Cliff Beasts 6. It looks truly oscar worthy. Look out, Jurassic World!