Fear the Walking Dead returned back to some previous locals, and reuinted some old friends with new. I’m feeling, and I know I am not alone in this, that Fear the Walking Dead has taken another step back. It is hard to cling to likeable characters or a trademark, the cycle seems to be just repeating over and over, Madison wants to do and thinks she can do everything. Numbers are once again dropping, my cousin who has been watching with me all the time, has not been watching the last few weeks, I see the shift in my own home.


“Is this a live look on people walking away from watching the show?” Fear the Walking Dead- Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

This episode was for the most part pretty straight forward. Strand led the way with Walker and Madison to go to the dam to try to get some water. Madison makes a promise to Walker that since she knows Daniel he will help her, because why wouldn’t he right, right? In the truck to where Strand directs they are stopped by a large wreckage of cars and some walkers. Walker is triggered and wants to know what Strand is up to, but he is smooth as ever, pulls out a noise and light distractor and throws it to the side. With a lot of the walkers sidetracked Walker is able to push some cars to the side and drive through without an issue.

Strand leads them to an abandoned car lot. You couldn’t see a dam anywhere in site and Walker again was very skeptical. Strand had a car parked over a manhole that he knew led him to the dam, Walker wanted no part of it, Madison had no issues jumping into a sewer in hopes of finding water. So in the three of them went, with Madison on point, Strand second and Walker bringing up the rear, they made good progress until a walker blocked the way in the pipe, it was bloated, and looked to be like a well walker cousin. Madison’s idea to get around the walker, was to cut him apart piece by piece. It was pretty awesome to be honest as Madison cuts and pulls off the walkers head, arms, and such, with the blockage out of the way the water pressure pushes the walker out.

After the break the trio makes it’s way to the dam, where Daniel Salazar notices people coming out of the tunnel and shoots in the direction of Strand, when Madison and Daniel see each other they talk and have a mutual respect. Daniel doesn’t trust Strand, but trusts what Madison tells him as she has never lied to him before. Daniel agrees to bring them to talk to the water queen Lola, but first Daniel has to talk to Lola. You can see that the talks were a little rough between them, when Madison and the rest came in to talk, Lola didn’t want any part of it. Madison could see that the locals were restless and were on the verge of fighting back for the dam and offered to trade guns in exchange for water. Lola however didn’t want to make any trade of any kind and refused the deal. She would allow them a night to spend before heading back.

Walker, who has and is super sensitive, got upset and said that their is only room for one side at the ranch and his side is more important and he is heading back and the others will have to leave. Madison and Strand stayed the night, talking about what they would do, Daniel and Lola talked, Lola wanted to know if he trusted them, and if his daughter was at the ranch, Daniel said she was, but he wouldn’t leave, he made a promise and trusts that she is safe. He did have a conversation with Walker before that, that he didn’t like finding out what she did, in a way sounding just like him.

As the morning came, Strand and Madison were geting ready to pack up, Daniel could see the writing on the wall and without supplies they would be over taken by the locals, he talked with Strand in only  away ‘frenimies’ could, that if he needed to do something to change the mind of Lola to do it. With a number of loud locals at the gate, Strand set a timer to blow up a vehicle. It went off in front of soldiers of the dam, which allowed Daniel to act quick and spin it as the locals getting more serious about attacking.

With the new situation, Lola really had no choice but to change her stance on an agreement, they agreed on terms of guns and ammunition for regular intervals of water. Madison was able to convince Lola to allow them to leave with a tanker of water as good faith, Lola asked Daniel again if he trusts Madison which he does, he said she has never lied to him. They take the water and agree on when and where to meet for a trade, as part of the agreement Daniel’s daughter will have to be apart of the trade party, to the excitement of Daniel.

Strand and Madison start heading back, they catch up to Walker on the road, I personally wished they would have just hit him or left him, but no they stopped him and picked him up as they all drove back to the ranch.