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This episode is INTENSE. It was so good. So let’s get to it. As we saw last week the car that Barry was in with Taylor, Vaughn, and Chris got shot, killing Taylor and Vaughn and the car flips. Well, as Cristobal Sifuentes, the Bolivian drug lord, lands,  he has one of the bodyguards go check out the car. He discovers a trail of blood and follows it to where Barry is hiding. Luckily for Barry, Chris got out of the car too and Chris ends up shooting the bodyguard and he and Barry escape.

When Pazar receives a call from Cristobal they discover that he is a very nice guy – with Cristobal even offering to share the stash house with them had they just asked-  but since Pazar’s men have killed so many of his men, “It’s a war now.” Cristobal also told them about the two dead marines in the car, which they believe one to be Barry.

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The detectives listen to a recording of Cristobal and Pazar’s conversation. Loach hypothesizes one of the dead bodies at the airfield is their “Bigfoot,” and Moss takes down Barry’s photo knowing he had military experience.

When Barry arrives at the theater, Sally tells him the cops found money and they think Ryan was involved with the mob and that he looks awful. They are rehearsing for their big show, but when it comes to Barry’s part he screws it up Cousineau sends everyone on a break and asks Barry if he is doing drugs.

The detectives ID Taylor and Vaughan and search Taylor’s apartment. Pretty sure this is there guy, but needing proof to link him to Ryan they find Ryan’s acting book and a block of money – just like the one they found at the acting class – inside the apartment. With those connections, they determine Taylor is their guy

Barry meets up with a distressed Chris. Chris is freaking out and wants to turn them into the cops. Unable to calm Chris down, Barry shoots him and makes it look like a suicide.

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At the theatre, Sally is freaking out because an agent she invited came to the show and Barry has not shown up yet. When he finally arrives she tells him how important tonight is to her. Obviously still trying deal with what he just did Barry isn’t exactly in the best place right now, but when it comes time for Sally to do her speech, Barry delivers his line, summoning all the grief and frustration he has pent up inside. Sally uses Barry’s energy and nails the performance; the agent takes notice and schedules a meeting with her.

Backstage, Barry is struggling to pull it together. He goes to the theatre where Sally thanks him and kisses him.

Photo Source: Barry, HBO

Like I said before this was a super intense episode. Watching Barry struggle really hard with all that he had to deal with was super hard. Then on top of that feeling guilty for having to kill his friend and what his family is going to do…shit it was hard. The scene when he is getting ready to go out and deliver his line is crazy good. He keeps imagining what Chris’s family is about to go through and his wife getting that call and the more it ends up affecting Barry. I know I have said it before, but Bill Hader is a damn fine actor. I will be very shocked if he does not get nominated for an Emmy.

This was the second to last episode of the season and I read this week that Bill Hader promises an even darker second season. If this episode was any indication of that, then I think we are in for something amazing next year. I loved this episode.

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