Anita and Jean-Claude

Source: Gamespot

Anita has immense power and some kickass fighting skills. She can raise the dead as easy as she can kill you. She definitely can afford to pay her bills and has a gaggle of gorgeous men at her beck and call. What more could a girl ask for? One thing Anita is not asking for is a baby but that might be in store for her anyway. Anita finds out that she may be pregnant and has the fun of telling the men in her life as she comes to terms with the idea that they may have created life. She also must come to terms with the idea that the pregnancy could be in danger because the child is either half lycanthrope or half vampire. (Yes in this world it is possible for a vampire to father a child but it is very hard and the chances decrease with age.) The possible fathers are Jean-Claude, Richard, Nathaniel and Asher and Damien. With the vampires the possibility of Vlad Syndrome is there and with the beasts the possibility of Mowgli Syndrome is there.

Richard’s solution is for him and Anita to get married be monogamous and she quit being a federal marshal and vampire executioner. That goes over like a lead brick. Nathaniel and Micah are immediately willing to rearrange their lives and take over most of the parenting. Jean-Claude, Asher and Damien are technically candidates for fatherhood but it isn’t as likely. Still they are willing to do whatever is needed for Anita and the baby.

If this was the only hiccup life would be considered smooth for Anita. However it isn’t. In the same day Anita also learns she may be a pan were and that the Ardeur may have shaped some of the relationships she is in, specifically Micah and Nathaniel, making her question if the relationship is a “true” relationship.

Besides all this in the same day vampire politics come to a head and it is due in large part to inviting a vampire ballet company and a number of master vampires to town. Thea, wife to the master of Cape Cod wants Anita to bed one or all of her sons to bring them into their powers. Augustine, master of Chicago, wants Anita to love him so he can control her because he can use her so much better than Jean-Claude can. Meng Die wants to kill Anita because men love her.

In the background is always the threat of Bella Morte and Mommy Dearest trying to take her over. What will Anita do if she is pregnant? What does being a pan were mean for Anita? Will it be the end of her law enforcement career? Let me know what you think in the comments below.