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If you love Timeless on NBC, Let me introduce to you The CHRONOS FILES series by Rysa Walker, starting with Time Bound!!

When Kate Pierce-Keller’s grandmother gives her a strange blue medallion and speaks of time travel, sixteen-year-old Kate assumes the old woman is delusional. But it all becomes horrifyingly real when a murder in the past destroys the foundation of Kate’s present-day life. Suddenly, that medallion is the only thing protecting Kate from blinking out of existence.

Kate learns that the 1893 killing is part of something much more sinister, and her genetic ability to time travel makes Kate the only one who can fix the future. Risking everything, she travels back in time to the Chicago World’s Fair to try to prevent the murder and the chain of events that follows.

Changing the timeline comes with a personal cost—if Kate succeeds, the boy she loves will have no memory of her existence. And regardless of her motives, does Kate have the right to manipulate the fate of the entire world?

The first time I saw a preview for Timeless, I thought it was an adaptation of Time Bound, so similar are some aspects. There are some differences between the show and these books, however, and I think they make the book even more suspenseful. The idea that time travel is genetic and tied to specific keys, and that without them, Kate could disappear is one of my favorite aspects. I love that there is a core group of people “in the know” as far as the changes go, and that they have this whole library of untarnished books. I love Kate, and when I read this book for the first time, I immediately re-read it twice more.

A lot of the more in-depth discussions about time travel and the Big Picturerepercussions that I feel are missing from Timeless are delved into wonderfully in these books. I also like the “big bad” in this story more. Giant conspiracies are tough to pull off, but I think Walker does a great job of it.

There are several books and novellas in the series, not to mention some other stories set in the same universe by other authors. It’s a quick, fun read and will help you with Hiatus Blues!! Buy it here. Follow Rysa Walker on Twitter here!