Source: Laurell K Hamilton

Anita Blake is a name to be feared. She can scare human, vampire and lycanthrope alike. She is called the Executioner and is also call War as in one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. So who scares Anita? Well God does but does anyone on Earth? Unfortunately when her engagement to Jean-Claude became public, she lost a little street cred. At least with the “monsters”.

However, she is still very much sought after by the feds for her intimate knowledge of the preternatural community. Right now they are trying to break up a zombie porn ring. This is not the first porn ring that Anita has being in on trying to break up. Several years ago, Raina and Gabriel were doing porn with lycans and humans as well as snuff porn. It ended with Gabriel and Raina dead and Anita inheriting a pard because Raina and Gabriel decided to put Anita in a snuff film.

This ring is a bit different. Not only because it’s zombies, but because the zombies aren’t rotting. There is only one way to prevent a zombie from rotting, to put the soul back in the body. These undead women are not mindless, barely aware zombies, they are women who after death were brought back, they souls forcible shoved into their poor bodies just to be desecrated for sick people’s enjoyment. Anita is brought in to find out how this is happening. She knows it is by the blackest of black voodoo. The only person Anita knows that can do that is very, very dead. Anita saw to that. So she needs to ask her mentor Manny.

Of course in the middle of this crap is happening in her personal life and more treachery in the furry side of her world. As far as her personal life, the others have found out that besides publicly marrying Jean-Claude she is having a civil ceremony with Micah and Nathaniel. Now everyone wants to be a part of it. That isn’t going to work for anybody.  As far as the furry side of things, someone tried to kill Rafael, the rat King. (And yes I typed that with a straight face.) Someone challenged him to combat, stabbed him and injected him with silver nitrate. Rafael thought that he was getting to old to rule because he wasn’t healing until he found out about the silver nitrate.

Will Anita be able to find out the source of the voodoo that is causing havoc in the zombies and stop it? Can she find the rat in the rat King’s pack? What will she do about the whole wedding/civil ceremony business? Read the book and tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Till next week…