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Episode Synopsis:

The gang gathers for a one-year memorial service for a beloved friend. Meanwhile, Jess discovers Coach (guest star Damon Wayans, Jr.) owes Nick a large sum of money.



First of all, can I just say how much I LOVED the opening to this episode. It was so dramatic and over the top and it was the funniest thing ever, since it was all for Ferguson. With Enya playing and the gloomy weather, it was puurfect. But moving on. Nick and Jess had an interesting story arc in this episode, that gave me a lot of flashbacks to when they were first a couple. There were a lot of references to Nick’s money issues and his problems with being honest. I like that the writers had Nick and Jess talk about these issues again, because like Nick said, this is what caused tension between the two the first time around. We see now, that Nick wants to change is attitude and outlook on life and change it for the better. When it comes to Nick’s money issues, we find out that Nick gave Coach $71,000, so that he could open up what Nick thought was a gym. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a gym Coach was opening, but a restaurant, that instantly flopped. Now, Nick is livid that Coach hasn’t paid him back and that’s what makes him scared to tell Jess the truth. I think Nick has grown since “The Box” episode, because now he is making more money and he realizes now, that he needs to be more financially responsible. He was worried that Jess would freak out if she found out that he gave Coach so much money, but it was interesting to hear that she was fine with the situation and knew they would be ok. This actually surprised me, because in “The Box” episode, the writers had Jess become manic about Nick’s money. I guess now, Jess has come to realize that Nick is more responsible and has matured since their first time together. Also, with Nick’s issues with secrets and being honest, I loved this conversation the most because there were so many references that were going through my head at the time. First off, it reminded me of “The Captain” episode, because Nick finally learned to express his feelings to Jess and couldn’t really stop after that moment. Funnily enough, Jess had said that they didn’t need to express all their feelings to each other, and that started happening again in this episode. And this conversation also reminded me of Nick and Reagan’s conversation in “Misery,” because there wasn’t enough feelings and honesty being shown between the two and this made Nick realize that he needed that in his life. Like I had said before in my review of that episode, it was kind of a role reversal, because since Nick was usually the type of person to keep secrets and not be honest, this time, his girlfriend wasn’t sharing anything with him, and that realization, made him want to change and include that in his future relationships.


Schmidt and Cece had the talk about what Cece’s future would look like if Schmidt died, and it was kind of an eye-opening conversation. It kind of seemed silly at first because Schmidt was assuming that Cece would never remarry again after he died, but then when he deemed that remarrying after three years was too early, it kind of makes you think, if you were married, how long would be long enough to grieve about your deceased significant other and move on. I guess there’s really not a set time because people take different amounts of time to grieve about a loved one and when they’re ready to move on, they’ll move on. What was weird though, was that throughout the whole episode, Schmidt wanted Cece to say that she wouldn’t remarry, but once he heard the truth about what Cece would do if he died, he realized that Cece shouldn’t suffer and should be with someone else. I guess it was just took Schmidt some time to get over his greediness and realize that yes, people need to move on eventually, after a loved ones death.


Ferguson was such a beloved character on the show, that I’m pretty surprised that in this final season, the writers decided to kill him off. I feel like Winston has had that cat forever and it made perfect sense, that he would go all out and give Ferguson an elaborate funeral. I loved that Aly was worried about him the whole time, and was wondering why he hadn’t cried yet, but man, when he finally let his emotions loose, I felt bad for him. You always hear how it’s never easy to lose a pet, and it seemed true for Winston too. His story about how Ferguson had a heart attack in the kitchen, was actually pretty sad because just his description about Ferguson backing away and realizing that something was wrong, was really emotional. You just never know when that day will come. He really let out his emotions and as a result, in some bizarre way, another cat came to him. I wonder if we’ll see Nafta in future episodes, but that sure was a cute cat. Lastly, on a side note, I felt bad for Jess when Nick blurted out that Jess killed Ferguson. She was so upset and thank god Winston told her the truth.