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I’m back with more trivia—this time, I chose Grimm. You might remember my article on it. You can find it at the link above if you want to see what I have to say about it. Anything Grimm has fascinated me for a while now, and this show just fed that desire. Unfortunately, the movie, The Brothers Grimm, was a bit disappointing but not too bad. Anywhoo, I think I might have picked some good questions. Get your pen and paper together and see how you do. Let’s get into it!

1 What is a Grimm?

2 What is a Wesen?

3 What is Nick’s job?

4 Who is Monroe?

5 What does Wesen mean in German?

6 Were Wesen ever worshiped?

7 Who is Nick’s significant other?

8 What is a hexenbiest?

9 Are hexenbiests and zauberbiests born or created?

10 How is Theresa (Trubel) Rubel related to Nick?

11 Who does Nick marry?

12 Who is Nick’s partner at work?

13 What humans know of Nick’s secret?

14 Who does Juliette become?

15 What other types of beings are in the show?

16 What disease does Wu catch?

17 What kind of wesen is Rosalee?

18 How many kids does Adalind Schade have, and who are they with?

19 Whose wesen form did Nick see first?

20 In the TV show, how many species of Wesen are there?

Ok, that was all the questions. Do you have the answers noted? Let’s grade your papers, then.

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1 A Grimm is a supernaturally gifted human from the Grimm family line. Who the first Grimm was is unknown, but Nick’s mom and aunt are both Grimms, and Nick got the gift too. Unfortunately, he was not raised to be a Grimm, so he had a lot of catching up to do. Grimms can see Wesen for what they indeed are, whether they want to be seen or not. Grimms seem to be the only ones capable of fighting them.

2 Wesen, pronounced Ves-sen as it is a German word, are supernatural beings that the Brothers Grimm fairytales were based on; they are stronger and have skills and innate abilities that lend them to being either prey or predators. Wesen is a broad term for supernatural people that includes many different species. There are bears, wolves, deer, and such. They all have different names, such as Blutbad and Hexenbiest. They look and act human, and not all of them what to cause harm. They are recognized when they woge (show what they are). While they woge, they can recognize a Grimm by looking in their eyes.

3 Nick is a homicide detective for the Portland Police Department.

4 Monroe is the first Wesen Nick meets and trusts. Monroe is a blutbad and a clockmaker and tries to live a peaceful life. He ends up first being Nick’s unofficial teacher as Nick’s aunt died before she could teach him. Later he becomes a good friend of Nick and Juliette’s.

5 In German, wessen means a being or creature.

6 Yes, in Egypt, they were worshiped as Gods such as Anubis, Bast, and Tefnut. They have also instigated major riots like the Boston Tea Party.

7 Juliette is Nick’s girlfriend who gets pulled into this unbelievable world. She was a vet and worked at Roseway Veterinary Hospital.

8 Hexenbiest translates to witch beast, and they are females. Zauberbiest, which translates to wizard beast, are the males. They present when woged like a corpse, complete with rotting flesh. All of them have a dark U shape under their tounges that can be seen even in human form. They are probably the most powerful of all the Wesen and can wield magic. Adalind is a hexenbiest and Captain Renard is a zauberbiest, well half anyway.

9 Both. Most often they are hexenbiests are born but can be created through magic. Potions like verfluchte zwillingsswchwester have this side effect. Hexenbeists who are made like this are deadlier than normal ones. This happened to Juliette.

10 Trubel is Nick’s third cousin,

11 Nick was in a relationship with Juliette at first, but he married Adalind, and they had a son together, Kelly, named after Nick’s mother. When Juliette was “killed,” he mourned her and tried to move on.

12 Nick’s partner is Hank Griffin. At first, he had no knowledge of Nick’s secret, and it was tearing their partnership apart and had Hank doubting his sanity. Once Nick brought Hank on it, things got better between them.

13 Nick’s partner Hank and their co-worker Drew Wu though I am not sure that he counts as human after a time. The same goes for Juliette. Juliette and Wu were human when they learned about the supernatural world.

14 Juliette becomes Eve when the side effect from the verfluchte zwillingsswester potion turns her into a hexenbiest. When Hadrian’s Wall broke her and helped her put herself back together, and became their assassin. Juliette took on the name Eve to go with her new life. Eve retains all of Juliette’s memories but is emotionally removed from them.

15 You can also find ghosts, elementals, demons, and spirits.

16 Wu is infected with lycanthropia. A disease which is passed from a blutbad. Hank describes them as “a blutbad on steroids.” The disease can be transmitted through bite or scratch, but it was believed to have been eradicated a century ago. Lucky Wu.

17 Rosalee is a fuchabau which is fox-like in appearance and on the weaker end of Wesen. However, they are clever and wily. While they are considered liars and shady, they are kind and loyal to their friends.

18 Adalind has two children, a daughter, and a son. Diana Schade-Renard is Captain Renard’s daughter, and Kelly Schade-Burkhardt is Nick’s son.

19 The first woged state Nick ever saw was Adalind Schade’s hexenbiest, It freaked him out, but he was too worried about his aunt to focus on it at that moment. What I find weird is after Nick got his full powers, he never saw Renard woge. Nick’s presence usually forced a woge out of Wesen, but never Renard. I wonder if Renard being half-human made that difference.

20 In the show, we see in Aunt Marie’s book or Rosalee’s spice shop books mentioned or went up against 132 Wesen.

That was fun! How did you do? Most of this I knew, but some I didn’t know or had forgotten since I haven’t watched the whole series in a while. I am working on it now, and I am so happy I did, but I am only in season one. If you want to know the list of Wesen and other beings in Grimm, I found a list on Wiki Fandom. Let me know how you did in the comments below. Until next time, having.