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Anna and Maya discover secret powers within, allowing them to control certain aspects of their lives through magic.

This time around, I was way more pleased with this episode, than the last one. It brought back the nostalgia, but I was also surprised how serious it got towards the end.

Right off the bat, we see that Maya and Anna are watching Are You Afraid of the Dark?, which used to air on Nickelodeon. I personally, never wanted to watch the show, because as a kid, I wasn’t into scary shows. I usually changed the channel, when it would come on. While they’re watching, they overhear Anna’s parents fighting, and it really must be hard for a kid to witness your parents going through a separation. Things get so bad between her parents, that she and Maya run away into the woods. They start having fun outside, and this was also a nostalgia moment for me because I remember having fun with my friends outside in the woods. You’d get lost in your imagination, and this is exactly what happens to the girls. They find a business card, folded in a tree, and the person on the card was a woman named, Vendy Viccany. They think this woman is a witch because if you pronounce her last name in a German accent, the “v” becomes a “w,” which would mean that her last name somewhat resembles the word “Wiccan”. With this, they think they now have powers, and they make some wishes for what they want in life. They think it works because Maya wishes for her dad to come home, and he does.

The next day, Anna comes to school with a spellbook that she created, and now the girls are fully immersed in witch practices. I feel like this is something my childhood friend and I would do. We’d get way too into making spells, and really believe that we were witches. I actually did do something like this with a friend. We were obsessed with The Mummy movie as kids, and during one of her birthday parties, we found a dead fly and thought we could bring it back to life, by reading a spell from The Book of the Dead. But back to Maya and Anna. They decide to create spells, Anna’s to make her fall out of love with Alex, and Maya’s to make Brant fall in love with her. And then things get taken way too far. They start doing spells at school, Maya makes a creepy Brant doll with her hair, and she also sticks her hair in his locker. They end up getting in trouble at school, and that’s when things start going downhill. Maya walks up to Brant, which I knew was going to be a bad idea, and he basically tears her apart. He calls her ugly and tells her that he doesn’t like her. I felt really bad for Maya at that moment, but at the same time, if I was Brant, I would be fed up with her too. At Anna’s house, things also start falling apart even more between her parents. They think their living situation is confusing Anna, which it really is, and they think that one of them should move out. It also got complicated, because the night before, Anna heard her mom and dad having sex, and she called her mom a Monica Lewinsky. Now that’s a low blow, but I think Anna got a little taste of how messy relationships can be. She realized that people sometimes have sex for the wrong reasons, and sometimes it’s not all about love. I’m not sure if Anna’s parents still love each other, but I think their living situation, it’s putting a harmful effect on themselves. It’s impossible to live with your separated partner in the same household. In Maya’s house, her brother calls her a brat for still obsessing over Brant, and she and Anna decide to disappear. They meet in front of Anna’s house, and Anna starts doing a spell to make them disappear. She starts scaring Maya, and the two girls really have a sisterly moment, because Maya needed to be there for Anna at that moment. Maya finally saw how bad of a situation Anna is in, and that she needs to take care of her. She needs to be by her friend, while she deals with a hard moment in her life.