A Worldkiller is captured, questions are answered, and things get heated between Alex and Kara in the latest Supergirl! The episode opens up with Supergirl, Alex, J’onn, Mon-El, and a team of DEO Agents bursting into Julia Freeman’s home – You’ll remember that in the last episode, Kara ID’d her as the newest Worldkiller. The gang is thrown off by the fact that this supposed destroyer of worlds is kneeling in her living room, singing along to music on her headphones. Kara tries to talk to her and reach out, but Alex gets a little too aggressive and wakes the genetically modified alien within, Purity. They manage to secure her, but it could very well cost them.

They Find Purity

The Gang finds Julia…not Purity – Supergirl – The CW

They secure her at the DEO, and while Kara believes she can bring Julia back, Alex is adamant that Julia was just an act designed to lure Supergirl in. They go back and forth for a while, Alex making snide and sarcastic remarks and Kara reaching for something in Julia’s humanity that will bring her back. Purity laughs at all of their attempts, and when Kara’s negotiation tactics fail, Alex tries her hand. Not at negotiating, but at interrogating Purity into giving up Reign’s location and headquarters. Unfortunately, Purity targets the pain Alex feels over losing Maggie and latches onto it, causing Alex to storm out. There’s a particularly sweet moment between Winn and Alex afterward, where Alex is trying to regain control of her emotions. Winn hugs her and asks what’s wrong, but she refuses to open up. The worldkiller manages to escape, sending Kara flying backwards. She wreaks havoc on the DEO, before flying away. I have to throw out some serious props to the crew, because some of the shots they’ve done this year are absolutely phenomenal – even when Supergirl is being thrown around like a ragdoll.


Another great shot by the crew – Supergirl – The CW

Meanwhile, Winn looks into decoding a Kryptonian Crystal that they found in Julia’s house, as well as assisting J’onn and Mon-El in restoring Mon-El’s ship. It leads to J’onn and Mon-El discussing his feelings for Imra, as well as his underlying feelings for Kara. J’onn tells him that marriage is about sharing, and that Mon-El needs to open up to his wife, to which he agrees. Honestly, I continue to be impressed with Mon-El’s character development – at the beginning of – and throughout – season two, he was…well, as he puts it, he was a “Misogynist.” But he’s grown into an amazing and wise dude. They get the alert that the DEO has been attacked, and the gang re-groups to figure out their next step.

J'onn and Mon-El

J’onn tells Mon-El about Marriage – Supergirl – The CW

They locate Purity at the subway, and despite destroying everything in sight and getting Kara in a headlock. She tries one more time to reach out to Julia, and we get a glimpse of the human fighting back. Alex sees it, and ends up being the one to talk Purity back into Julia. Unfortunately, Reign appears and nearly kills Alex – until Julia steps in and saves her. I’m so excited, because they’re leaning more and more toward a redemption arc for Sam, and I couldn’t be more pleased with that. I just hope they don’t change their mind and force Supergirl’s hand.

We get to see a lot of cute moments between Sam and Ruby, but unfortunately, Sam goes all Worldkiller-y and leaves Ruby alone in an ice rink. Ruby calls Lena to come get her, and of course Lena does what she can to assure Ruby that things will be alright. After everything is said and done, Sam finds out Lena had told her daughter about her being sick, and it causes Reign to briefly appear. Lena immediately figures out what’s going on and vows to help her best friend. I just hope she confides in Kara and Alex and doesn’t try to solve things by herself. Also, if the writers are reading this – it would be a great chance to bring back Psy and let her join the supergang.

The episode ends with Alex and Kara discussing why Alex was so angry and aggressive this episode, which leads to the agent confiding that letting go of Maggie hasn’t gotten any easier, and she had given up hope that it ever would. Kara tells her that she had felt the same, yet here she is, getting over it. She tells Alex that she’ll get there, especially because the eldest Danvers sister is so much stronger than National City’s golden girl.

Sadly, Supergirl won’t be returning to the screens until April 16th, but if you’re fans of Legends of Tomorrow, be sure to check it out – they’ll be temporarily taking over the Supergirl time slot!

Winn and Alex hugging

Bonus photo of Winn and Alex having a moment – Supergirl – The CW