Co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland did not disappoint with their appearance at San Diego Comic Con. Their Rick and Morty panel was expected to be exciting and fun, though fans had no idea what to really expect. With the new season right around the corner, it wasn’t clear how much detail the co-creators would give about the coming episodes. And while they didn’t give us much, Roiland gave some insight about the long wait between seasons.

Roiland joked filming his own “mini shows”, Justin Roiland’s RC Stunt Rally Extravaganza,  in the production office instead of working on Rick and Morty. He showcased an episode of his show, which was as ridiculous, odd, and disgusting as you could expect from the creator of an Adult Swim series. We’re looking forward to more of his VR episodes in the future!

Roiland RC Car Interview

Photo Source: Adult Swim

Roiland also mentioned the possibility of a future video incorporating the 1 liter bottle of original Szechuan sauce he claims McDonald’s is sending him. I cannot even begin to predict where he’ll take that one. Give it to us, Roiland!

R&M Szechuan sauce

Photo Source: Adult Swim

Though the video was meant to support his ludicrous claim of intense procrastination, Roiland and Harmon later admitted that the real reason for the wait was their fear of letting fans down with poor content. Which indicates that while this may be the darkest season yet, it will also be the most thought-out and jam-packed with squanchy content. I doubt that Rick and Morty will decide to cease their intergalactic shenanigans like they do in the exclusive clip shown at the panel!

Rick and Morty (FINALLY) returns to Adult Swim on July 30th at 11:30 pm! More antics, alcohol, and absolute chaos are sure to grace the smartest stupid show on television! So, hold onto your Portal Guns and summon a Meeseeks to man the TV remote as season 3 shows us what its got!