Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

Don’t let the happy faces above fool you…I am NOT happy right now.

And before you say “Ugh you’re just Jafael trash and a wishy washy fan”… I am definitely not. I have been a faithful fan for four years and writing about it for three! Yes, I have always been a Jafael fan, but I continued to watch happily even when Jane and Michael were blissfully happy for an extended period of time. There is a LOT more to this show to love, and frankly, a love triangle just gets tiresome after awhile. Which is why I went through three pretty strong emotions for an extended period of time (still am tbh) when Brett Dier appeared on my screen at the end of the episode: 1. Surprise/Shock, 2. Confusion, and finally 3. Anger.

Jennie Snyder Urman (and Co.), I am a faithful and loyal fan (once again), but this plot twist SUCKS. Either Michael has been alive this whole time and undercover (if I were Jane, I’d NEVER forgive him), he has amnesia, or perhaps it’s not really Michael. Either way, our triangle is reopened, and we saw the pain it put Rafael through in the finale. Not to mention, we repeatedly saw Jane express how deeply she loves Rafael. But now that Michael’s back is she just going to go back to being monkey in the middle of the two of them? PLEASE NO. Also, remember when Jane and Rafael told Mateo and his HEART GLOWED! Mateo would not be able to handle them breaking up, and I know parents split up all the time but how many of them don’t actually start off together?!

Okay. I’m sorry. I’m amped up. I’ll stop and talk about the rest of the episode. Just know, I still have plenty of feels on this matter and would love to discuss them with you in the comments.


A fantastic hashtag for the modern TV era. JR found out that Petra actually DID kill Anezka…it wasn’t self defense. But, Petra claims she was just protecting Anna & Ellie, whom Anezka threatened. Either way, JR was pissed because she literally got herself disbarred to protect Petra’s lie. This is another example of Petra being the barrier to her own happiness. While Magda and Anezka do play a big role in the destruction in her life, she could’ve handled all of this differently with JR. As JR left angrily, she got a call from Krishna saying the original blackmailer is still planning on killing Petra, so JR ran back in just in time to fight off this mystery person with a gun…and accidentally shoot them instead. Who could it be? Magda? SCOTT?? We never actually saw his body (just his bones). Milos? Honestly, there are a lot of people that don’t like Petra.

Finally, onto happier things.

Alba was officially granted citizenship to the U.S., so Ro, Xo, Jane, and River Fields planned a nice surprise party for her. At the party, Alba learned that Jorge’s mother is dying in Mexico, but he can’t go see her because he’s undocumented. So, Alba decides to marry him on the spot so he can go see his mother. Jane performs the ceremony while tearfully watching Rafael, and Alba secretly hopes Jorge will grow to love her. Hey, anything’s possible on this show.

And finally, luckily no dramatic finale moments included Xiomara dying on the spot or regressing. I held my breath every time she was on screen.

So that’s it for season 4 of Jane The Virgin! What did you think of the finale? Am I overreacting about this Michael cliffhanger? How are we all going to wait until the Fall??