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Roseanne “Eggs Over, Not Easy” Brilliantly Addresses the Aging Elephant In the Room

We all waited eagerly to see how the Roseanne Reboot would address the two Becky’s situation, and it wasn’t kept a secret that Lacey would return as the original Becky or that Sarah Chalke would cameo in 3 episodes as ritzy Andrea, looking to hire Becky as her surrogate.

Everyone in the show was quick to point out how odd that is with Becky’s age, but the Conner con job finally came to an end in episode 4 of this season, when Becky learns there is little to no chance of her ever conceiving. Not only do we see the grief and loss of her losing her shot at a better life, but we get to see Becky confront the grief and guilt she carries over never having been able to conceive with Mark.
What elevated the episode from other shows that have tackled the same issue is seeing the realistic way the characters around her softened momentarily to console her. Roseanne had to lose her blunt criticisms of Becky’s choices to be there for her daughter when she needed her, and Darlene had to step into a different facet of the sister role (without losing the sarcasm).
Roseanne – Courtesy of ABC

The episode wasn’t all heavy though, Becky’s attempts at owning a dog and then returning it, and then Roseanne trying to get it back for her, only to have Jacki get rejected for the adoption, was a hilarious I Love Lucy setup to a joke. The one-two punch setup of Roseanne insulting Jacki’s loneliness making her perfect to be a dog owner, followed by Darlene entering and delivering a similar speech was icing on the cake.

Roseanne – Courtesy of ABC

Second favorite on the joke front was the scene with Dan and Roseanne where he attempts to out his foot down only to have Roseanne ice him out (with astill frozen lunch). The staging reminded us of one of our favourite episodes, “Fights and Stuff”, and without the nostalgia the Roseanne jokes about the SPCA commercials would be in our top favourite moments (it still is with an honorable mention right there!).

Roseanne – Courtesy of ABC
We even got a taste of classic DJ for the first time this season, but we are dying from the teasers for the new episode where we see both Bev AND David return for a drama packed new episode!

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