We all have our stumbling blocks in dealing with loved ones. It may be her not so positive attitude towards your dog or your favorite TV show. Hate to your game console is also one of these blocks. You probably tried a dozen times to convince her, asking to try out Call of Duty multiplayer. Or maybe you offered her something like Halo? Was it Grand Theft Auto? If so, you made a mistake, pal.

Making a girl love video games is much harder than flirting with single ladies online. On the other hand, there are thousands of games out there, so you just need to find one to her liking. If your girlfriend still likes Walt Disney movies, chances are she won’t appreciate GTA, but she may like Skylanders. Here are ten games that will open your girlfriend the door to a whole new world.

10) LEGO series

It’s a perfect option to start with. LEGO makes games based on the most successful franchises in the film industry. If you managed to convince your girlfriend to try video games, let her first game be an interesting experience with a familiar story.

9) Final Fantasy X

The best thing about it is the presence of a romantic story between Tidus and Yuna. In fact, this game is a fantasy for girls. The gameplay is as simple as can be, and the fighting system is easy to master. Moreover, this game is all about the plot.

8) Telltale games

Telltale is known for emphasizing the attention precisely on the plot of the game. These choose-your-adventure games will give your girlfriend a completely new idea of how the narrative can look like.

7) The Last of Us

Most girls simply fall in love with men, who are cute with children. In addition, the plot of this game will make your girlfriend experience so many emotions that she’ll have to pause the game once in an hour to cry, scream, or just feel happy for the decisions she made.

6) Batman series

Maybe your girlfriend isn’t that interested in superheroes. But make her play Batman games, and she’ll change her mind at once. Let her play Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight. These games will show her an incredibly rich story: she’ll get to know both the villains she saw in movies and new ones.

5) Fallout 4

Arkham city and Arkham Knight will demonstrate your girlfriend what open world games are but in a very narrow and specific sense. Fallout 4 will throw it into the unknown world, allowing her to literally be herself, that is, a person, who has no idea what is happening around but trying to survive.

4) Skyrim

While Fallout 4 provides the freedom best open world games offer, Skyrim will make your girl fall in love with fantasy. Apart from being able to choose the character’s gender (and race), she’ll get freedom no game can offer.

3) Mass Effect

Anyone, who loves the intricate narrative, will appreciate the Mass Effect series. These games reflect on the real world’s political situation. If your girlfriend is concerned about the latest world events, she’ll the plot of the first three games.

2) Destiny

Let her try this so she can understand what games you and your friends play. Destiny gameplay is quite similar to Call of Duty, but its storyline is much more elaborate than in CoD series. After playing in Destiny, your girlfriend will finally stop hating the games you like.

1) Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is the type of a horror game, after which your girlfriend will have enough courage and patience to finish absolutely any video game. Unlike the games she already tried, Alien: Isolation is based on stealth. This is both a game and a logical puzzle. Now, let’s be honest, Alien: Isolation isn’t the best game, to say the least, but if your girlfriend likes it, she’ll like any other game.