I got a chance to play ChromaGun for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to get a background of the game before we continue I have attached a YouTube trailer for you. ChromaGun Trailer

So now that you have had a chance to see a trailer, you get a basic idea of the game. It is first person mode, extremely puzzle based. The game is also not afraid to throw some jabs at you, which I enjoy. If you stay in one place and don’t move, someone will deliver you a snarky comment. The gun utilizes three different colors of paint, red, blue and yellow, the voice that is connected to you is also not at all afraid to to criticize you for not knowing your basic Kindergarten rules of colors. I will admit I had to do a number of trial and errors to remind myself how to do this.

Besides the blue, yellow and red, you will encounter orange, green, purple, and black, at least up to the point I got. So how does it all work? I can tell you how my first play through was, I sat down for a good hour on the couch, sick as can be, working my way through.

I started out getting my bearings on the controls, you start with one color at first. You have “droids” that are either white or a color to start. If they are stagnant you have to hit them with a color to get them going. The other options is you will see plain panels on the wall, you have to put some paint on the wall, and if the droid is near it will be drawn to the wall and go to be right next to it. You will need to utilize this as you need something to be over panels that will open doors.

Other times you will have multiple blank wall panels, if you spray them with paint and if the droid spheres are close enough they will be in the middle of the panels as the force is equal. This is another thing you need to master as the journey goes on. In addition to having a sphere, ‘split the difference’ if you have enough panels set up the force will lead the sphere around a path instead of getting to a stationary location.

Sometimes I get the color wrong, as it’s a button to get the color loaded and another to shoot, or sometimes I just still remembering all my color schemes, but I mess up the room. I wish their was a way(or that I found) how to reset a room if I mistakenly make everything black, haha, I haven’t so I run to find one of the droids that have blades on it and just run into it enough so it kills me and resets the room. I’m glad nobody is watching that on Twitch.

Controls are pretty clean, the music is low and not annoying, you don’t have very much in the way of dialog, it does offer a color blind mode, which I haven’t played yet. The game costs $19.99 and I think it’s a great purchase if you like puzzles, want to get sharper with your colors. As far as I can tell thus far it’s OK for children to play and perhaps learn from. I would recommend this game, I’ll be playing this as I get ready for bed tonight.