“You are Dwight, and we’ll get him back together. Even if we have to kill Lucious to do it.” Lucious certainly felt like one of the “Birds in the Cage” when the crazed nurse said this.

That line of the episode that really crawled under my skin was towards the beginning of the episode. Claudia has taken Lucious Lyon captive in a cabin off the grid, chained to a piano.


Claudia pleading with Lucious. Created by Blair – TGON – Empire – Fox

I was relieved when everyone seemed to register that Lucious was missing, especially after the drama that went down leading up to the midseason finale. Jamal got into an altercation with Warren and Angelo, leading to a slip of the hand as Angelo’s gun meant for Warren gets turn on himself. I’m relieved for once that Jamal wasn’t getting himself shot again.

Not to mention Hakeem got a break and received full custody of Bella, and Andre experienced a mental breakdown.

Clearly, the Lyons, with their drama-filled lives, can’t always be on top of everyone at every moment. That’s Thirsty’s job.

loved that Cookie came to the rescue, fearlessly engaging with Claudia, knowing full well the doctor was unwell and capable of causing harm to others. It was a different feel to the episode, seeing much more of Cookie’s time in prison, and how she was able to utilize the skills she picked up there to negotiate with Claudia.

It was compelling to see how Claudia’s methods were repeated on previous clients, like the Olympian she nursed back to the health while she moved into his house with his wife. Claudia’s “non-traditional methods” were what caused so many issues with Lucious’ recovery in the first place, when he was recovering memories following the car explosion.

I’ve got to give Claudia credit though, her methods are cold when she used a nearby ax outside to knock out and assumedly kill her therapist, to avoid having her plans foiled.

The police thankfully apprehended her in the end, but there are many more storylines to explore, like J Poppa’s hookups with Becky resulting in her pregnancy, Jamal’s PTSD, and Andre’s wanting to confess everything about that night in Vegas to his father, finally.

Let us know, are you excited to see what the Lyon’s are up to? Tune in for more drama with Empire Wednesdays on Fox.