Sleepy Hollow is back and hold onto your horses because we’re in for a bumpy ride!

When we last left Ichabod and Abbie they had a stand off with Pandora and her recently resurrected husband. It ended with Abbie sacrificing herself to save Jenny by taking the Shard into the hell portal under Pandora’s tree which closes, leaving Abbie locked inside.

This episode was an emotional roller-coaster from beginning to end. It focuses on the way everyone deals with Abbie being gone and their attempts to find her. Whilst completely obsessed with finding Abbie, Ichabod teams up with Agent Foster who have been marked by a demon that feeds on desperation and determination. Agent Foster, originally on orders to figure out what Ichabod is really hiding gets drawn into the supernatural world with him and therefore the Witnesses gain another ally.

Jenny and Joe go searching for a magical map which will allow them to locate Pandora and her husband but it doesn’t quite go according to plan and after a series of unfortunate events Jenny finally confessed her feelings to Joe!

The music in this episode was chilling and emotional and it truly explored sides of the characters we haven’t seen before. Their desperation to find the truth

What I truly loved about this episode was how we got to see the extent of Abbie and Ichabod’s relationship. Ichabod explained to Agent Foster that he’s worked with many people before but it’s only now that he’s truly realised what it’s like to have a partner and to be someone’s better half. It makes you see the amount of respect and revere Ichabod has for Abbie.

Towrads the end of the episode; Jenny and Joe reveal to Ichabod and Foster that they’ve found the map that will help them find Pandora but the map ends up revealing something else disturbing. There isn’t just one demon hiding in Sleepy Hollow but someone else is summoning a hoard of demons to Sleepy Hollow. It looks like the gang are going to face some rough times ahead and I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for them.

I enjoyed this episode and I hope Abbie comes back soon. I like Foster as an addition to the time but I hope they aren’t going to try and pair her with Ichabod. I’m still hoping for something to happen with Abbie and Ichabod but I think that lies further ahead in the future. Either way, I’ll be tuning in next week to see what happens next.

Favourite moments: Ichabod trying to cook a frozen lasagne in a frying pan in the plastic cover.

Favourite quotes: “You’re saying a monster convention is coming to town?”

Article Submitted by Jasmine