In my D&D for Couples article, I highly recommended the board game Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. I loved its use of minis and found the overall gameplay enjoyable. However, my husband and I hit a snag and continuously died in one dungeon. We did this for hours on end, trying different tactics to no avail. So, we thought we would give the video game Gloomhaven a try. Folks, let me tell you about our frustratingly good times!

Source: Way Too Many Games

The Gameplay

Gloomhaven is a turn-based RPG adapted from the same name’s board game. Players act as mercenaries. They can explore dungeons, kill monsters, and fulfill quests. First, players choose one of six characters to play. Each has its own class and abilities to aid in the pursuit. During gameplay, players must finish a different quest within a dungeon. To complete these quests, they will typically find themselves slaying beasts. During a round, players choose two cards; one usually determines a movement action and the other an attack. These cards are discarded and cannot be used again until the player takes a rest action. After completing a dungeon, players will level up, gain experience, and earn loot. Overall, I would say the PC version of Gloomhaven is very similar to its board game predecessor.


While my husband and I are again stuck, we absolutely adore this game. We are not very good strategists; however, we will get there. It is fantastic to see how each class can contribute to an encounter and hinder one. Plus, this allows us to play our favorite board game sans cleanup. I also appreciate that the video game stayed true to the board game. It honestly showed us the rules we misunderstood. Overall, if Gloomhaven is a game you are interested in playing but are intimidated by the box version, I highly recommend this game.

Odds and Ends

If you want to jump in on the action, there are several ways to do so! Players can find this title on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games. In the end, I highly recommend this game for anyone who loves turn-based combat with a bit of loot sprinkled in.