First Trailer for Sorry to Bother You

I’ve been following Boots Riley’s journey of getting Sorry to Bother You into production. His musical project The Coup is politically charged as it is fun to listen to. His directorial debut feels no different. Check out the trailer below!

What’s not to love here? It’s a wacky concoction of Brazil and some Key and Peele‘s best sketches. And like Jordon Peele’s directorial debut, it’s a subversive take on racial issues. On top that, it’s great to see Danny Glover getting a ffun role again. It’s an original vision that I can not wait to check out come July 6th!


Author: Kendall Beck

Growing up in the small town of Wasilla, Alaska, the local video store was my favorite place to be and was where I discovered many of my geeky obsessions that I still cherish to this very day. I can name all of Godzilla characters just from the sound effects. Kurt Russell/John Carpenter is the best actor-director team-up, even rivaling Robert De Niro/Martin Scorsese. If you asked me my favorite movie of all-time, it's a 3-way tie between Dazed and Confused, Repo Man, and A Clockwork Orange.

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