You heard right folks! Your favorite real-estate duo return to Netflix for a second season on 3/23/18. Haven’t watched season 1 yet? Stop what you’re doing, head over to Netflix, and begin the binge watching. Then return here, mouth agape, and continue reading about the wacky antics the Hammond family is sure to get into.

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Where are we?

Last season left us with more questions than answers. At the end of that ten episode first season, things were not looking great. Joel had landed himself in a mental institution, for trying to get poor Baka drunk enough to vomit in a bucket. If you don’t remember, the family needed that pure Serbian vomit to synthesize a formula to help Sheila’s deterioration problem. Not just the toe breaking off or her eyeballs falling out, but the degradation of her ability to control her actions.

Joel and Sheila ready with the bucket.

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With Joel in the nut-house, Sheila finds that the best solution for their current situation is something a tad strange to ask your child for. “Honey, I need you to do something for me. Chain mommy in the basement.” This should, in theory, keep her from going full-zombie and going on a rampage of brains and funny quips. I’m not entirely sure I’d hate seeing that, but it would definitely leave the family in danger.

Abby is left holding “the book” and the future of her family in her hands. Dr. Cora Wolf decides that staying in a house where the fridge is filled with human body parts isn’t a good way to keep her position as head of a biotech company. She mentions that Abby is a resourceful girl, and leaves her with the tools she needs to get this sorted. I guess Abby’s little convulsion skit (what happened to the rule of three?!) really won Dr. Wolf over in the end.

As the final episode reached its end, we watched as Abby and Eric work on synthesizing antidotes and trying to secure a Serbian exchange student. Joel, with his bright eyes and widest smile, has a one sided conversation with a doctor at the mental institution in attempt to convince him that the family is just like any other. I’m doubting this works, since the conversation is joined by some orderlies, who appear to be ready to escort Joel to his new padded room. Sheila takes a phone call about a prospective listing, while she’s in the basement chained to a support beam and sitting on a mattress. The final line leaves us wanting so much more as she says “one of us will be free next week.”

What Do We Want to See?

Some more zombie backstory! We know Sheila is undead. We know there is a giant Serbian book that tells all about this phenomena that’s been happening for ages. How did Sheila get turned in the first place? How exactly did she turn Loki during that fight? Only guesses exist for now. Hopefully season 2 answers what we need to know about what is happening to Sheila, and what can be expected from her condition as a whole.

Abby and Eric at the comic shop

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Another thing fans everywhere want to see is some movement on the Abby and Eric front. He’s such a lovable nerd, with arguably strange tendencies, who is madly in love with Abby. Obviously she has a few more important things on her mind, being that her father is in the nut-house and her mother is slated to become a mindless murderer pretty soon, but the chemistry between those two is boiling over more than the beaker Eric clutches at the end of the season. I know Abby’s character has it in her to become even more of an integral part of the survival of her family, it’d be nice to see her enjoy some more playful romantic attention too.

More Joel. So much more Joel. While Drew Barrymore has done an excellent job in her role thus far, Timothy Olyphant has truly taken his character to incredible heights. He constantly struggles between being a supporting husband to the woman he married, and the sheer madness of all that transpired thus far. Joel is such a lovable character, because he continues to do what needs to be done for his family. We’re all waiting on the edge of our seats to see just how much insanity he can handle before he snaps. Good thing he’s already in the looney-bin!

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Ready for More Horror-Comedy?

If you’re just as excited as I am to follow along with the lovable Hammond family on their crazy journey, feel free to comment below! This season is sure to land them in way more insane situations, and they’ve already proven to be able to handle themselves: though definitely not in the most effective ways. Check out the trailer for season two below if you haven’t already, and come visit us each week as we review the new episodes. See you soon!