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Tuesday night’s non-historical deep dive covered the most sacred of bonds, that of siblings. From the famous aviator Wright Brothers (and Wright SISTER), to the activist Kopp sisters and the clairvoyant Fox siblings, we see that blood is indeed, thicker than water. A brief recap:

-Narrator Lauren Lapkus hates her brother…she kids

-The Wright siblings-Orville, Wilbur,Katherine-grew up in Dayton

-The bros dropped out of high school but Kat graduated from Oberlin College

-First manned flight ended terribly; glider crashed

-Kat designed the plane that ultimately flew Dec. 7, 1903

-Narrator Mike Still provides the colorful story of the Kopp sisters

-Constance, Fleurette & Norma Koop’s buggy was destroyed by Henry Kaufman, an evil little man

-They wrote to him demanding $50 for a replacement; he began harassing them

-Local sheriff gave the Kopps guns; they became a sensation

-They brought down Henry Kaufman and started a detective agency

-Narrator JD Ryznar tells tale of the Fox sisters

-1840s Rochester, NY, Maggie & Katie Fox become mediums, managed by their sis Leah

-It was a hoax; they make tons of money and cheat a lot of people

-JD crossed a drunken threshold…by vomiting into a bucket

Join more drunken fun next week!