Episode Synopsis:

After Jess announces that she is ready to date again, Schmidt pushes her to give her workout partner, Robby (guest star Nelson Franklin), a fighting chance. Then, when Cece hires a hunky new bartender, Nick struggles to understand male beauty, while Winston’s newfound confidence makes him irresistible.

Dating again

We learn from Jess in the beginning of the episode, that she’s ready to date again (and probably try to get her love for Nick out of her mind). And as a supportive friend, Schmidt tries to help her. When the two go to the gym to workout, who else would they run into, but Robby. Schmidt sees the chemistry between the friends and tells Jess to go after him. After a day of being cheese-bally together, Robby wants to kiss her, but she opts out at the last second. Jess confesses to Schmidt later, that she couldn’t picture herself being with Robby for the rest of her life, but Schmidt tells her to give it another go. Returning to the gym the next day, Jess talks with Robby and Jess ends up kissing him, and getting him hurt in the process. At the hospital, Jess tells Schmidt that after kissing Robby, she felt nothing. I’m sorry, but this made me so glad because I just couldn’t handle the back and forth cheesiness between them. Robby is like Jess in man form, and the last time Jess dated a guy who was like her, it was Spencer. I’m glad Jess felt nothing, because she could do WAY better. I’m wondering now if the writers are going to extend this whole “Jess taking care of Robby, and then shutting him down” thing. I hope not. The two can stay friends. but this storyline just needs to end. After watching season after season, I think Jess’s dating game has gotten pretty stale. The writers need to spice things up or just give Jess some new storylines besides dating and finding new jobs, which will actually happen in a future episode.

Model manager

Yet again, Cece is bored with her life and ends up finding a new job, thanks to Nick. This time, I think she’s found the one and I hope it sticks. Like everyone else, Cece has been trying to find the right job and I like that the writers finally realized that Cece could go back to her original profession and this time, work from the other side. She could manage models because yes, she does know the industry and it’s something she could be good at. It’s going to be interesting now to see the dynamic between her and Schmidt because of the fact that she’s going to be hanging around male models all the time and will that push any buttons for Schmidt in the future, like it has before, or will he be cool about it? Also, I’d like to see some episodes showing Cece at her new job and what she has to face on a daily basis. Will she work from home or will she working at a modeling agency? So many questions.


I gotta say, the writers give Nick and Winston the weirdest storylines sometimes. First off, we have Winston being hit on by several girls during the episode, which was pretty much a filler for the other important storylines, and then we have Nick actually trying to do work, but then realizing that he doesn’t know how to tell if a man is attractive. So weird. Why did this even need to be discussed at all? There’s really not much to say about these filler storylines, but I gotta say, I’m happy that Nick is taking his writing seriously and isn’t being lazy, for the most part. And lastly, props that Winston is still with Aly.