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The Big Bang Theory – S11E17 – “The Athenaeum Allocation” Review

This is an episode review for TBBT S11E17.

Welcome back dear TBBT (Or should I say TGON?) fans,

This episode somehow reminded me of the old times on TBBT. The way there was a spark that earlier seasons used to have. That’s may be because of Barry ‘Creep-ky’ I guess. He was back on the episode and it felt nice to see him, however small his part was!

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Barry Kripke had booked the Athenaeum Hall at Caltech for his birthday party on the same day, i.e. 12th May – the day of Sheldon and Amy’s wedding! You can guess what the next few minutes must have brought to us. It was fun to watch Sheldon and Leonard struggle to win against Kripke (again!!)

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Does anyone else dislike Bernadette, too? Personally, I hate her character ever since she came on the show. Even Penny can be cocky and selfish, too sometimes, but then she somehow melts seeing the love of Leonard for her. Bernadette’s character always seemed to take advantage of Howard’s love towards her. Look at the way Howard changed himself for this woman and he isn’t treated fairly in my opinion. Writers, go easy on him a little!

Anyways, if you want to have that feel of the spark I just talked about, you should really consider watching this episode. But, let me know in the comments on what you think of what I said about Bernadette. Let’s discuss!

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