Waking up together, Maggie tells Clive she’s going to have to sneak him out of the house so her nieces and nephews don’t see him. He jokingly asks if she’s really married, and the two stay in bed together a little longer.

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At the hospital, the elevator is at max capacity. Another person tries to get on said elevator, but April yells at them. Amelia is cramped in by her ex-husband, Owen. She whispers that she really misses sex and that this isn’t helping.


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Amelia, now with her sisters, asks Meredith if she misses sex. Mer says her sex drive is now her work drive. Maggie says she thinks she really likes Clive. Maggie doesn’t have a solid judge of character, as her mom always did that for her. Amelia offers to judge Clive on her behalf. After all, that’s what sisters do. They settle on a game night, so it’s a more casual setting. They make their plans right in front of Helm and Glasses, and Helm takes it as an invitation.

Kimmy has lost all appetite due to nausea. She tries to play it off, not wanting an NG tube, but Alex and Parker see through that. She says the NG tube is too painful and would keep her from singing. She asks for medical marijuana — an oil that won’t get her high, but would eliminate nausea. Alex is unsure about it, but Kimmy says it was her grandmother’s idea.

kimmy wants marijuana

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Jo marvels over a mouse that they are using for medical experimentation. They removed his liver three days ago and injected him with the polymer to grow mini livers. Without the original liver, he should be dead, but with the mini livers, he is thriving. Jo is excited for Cerone to see how well the polymer works, but Meredith advises against showing him. If he sees it, he’ll drive the price up. Helm walks in and announces that Cerone is dead. Instead, Meredith will be meeting with his daughter.

In the ER, there’s an entire rugby team. April comments on the co-ed team, but the sole girl, Sarah, says she’s the manager. She has a heart condition that prevents her from playing. Two players toss a ball back and forth, and April scolds them for it. A bad toss ricochets and hits April while she’s trying to fix Sarah’s ear, resulting in the ear actually getting cut off. DeLuca walks by and slips on her ear, giving himself a concussion. Amelia orders him to rest in a hospital bed overnight.

rugby er

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Jackson tells the Sarah that she’ll need to be put under for surgery to reattach her ear. With her heart condition, Jackson pages Maggie to consult and monitor. When Jackson leaves, Sarah asks if she and Jackson had ‘a thing’ because she’s picking up vibes. Maggie says that she has a boyfriend.

rugby questions maggie

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Head of OB, Dr. Lackman, pages Arizona when Carina asks to see all of her records. Carina’s foreign wording was concerning — she had said Arizona was launching an ‘investigation.’ Arizona clarifies that it’s a study on mother mortality rates in the US vs other countries for the medical innovation contest. This puts Lackman at ease, and Arizona asks about setting up another playdate with their daughters. Lackman writes down her login information for Arizona and asks her to call to set up the playdate. Carina is aggravated that Arizona’s approach worked when her own failed so badly.


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One of the rugby players refuses to have April as his doctor because she cut off Sarah’s ear. April points out that he was one of the kids that refused to listen when she told them to stop throwing the ball. Giving into his request, April calls Glasses over and says this will be a teachable moment. Owen intercepts April and asks to speak in private. He asks her to go home for the day, saying he’ll take over from here. The hospital’s legal department wants to suspend April for the day cutting off Sarah’s ear. April tries to defend herself, but Owen is already on her side. He says the video footage will confirm what she’s saying as truth. The issue, however, is that April failed to report the incident. April claims to have been busy working, but Owen thinks something else is up. April is angry to be in trouble for a mistake someone else made and storms out.

rugby guy

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Maggie shows Sarah her heart on a monitor. Sarah says that they found the hole in her heart when she was 8, but it was too risky to fix. Maggie says that medicine has progressed a lot since then. The procedure is much less invasive, and therefore less risky. Sarah is very interested and asks if Maggie can do this surgery while they reattach her ear. Maggie says they would have to be two different surgeries.

maggie and sarah

Meredith is worried about her meeting with Cerone’s daughter. Jo couldn’t find information on her online. All of a sudden, someone greets Meredith. It’s Cerone’s daughter, but Meredith recognizes her as ‘Auntie Marie.’ Jo asks if Marie is really Meredith’s aunt, but the reality is that Marie was best friends with Mer’s mom, Ellis. Meredith hasn’t seen Marie since her 8th birthday. Marie says she had to go back to Spain to run her father’s business.

meredith marie

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In the ER, the rugby boys are getting rowdy and fighting. Owen pushes a chair into the path of one of the guys, tripping him. One of them asks what kind of doctor would behave that way. Owen says he’s a military doctor, and they need to abide by the ER rules or he will kick them out. The guy that sassed April earlier tries to stand up, but yells out in pain. Owen cuts open his leg wrap and says he needs a scalpel to release pressure. Owen orders him to close his eyes and then cuts down the length of his calf.

Bailey and Webber walk to the waiting room to talk to Sarah’s father, Mr. Mauer. He asks to see Sarah, and Bailey tries to calmly explain what happen. He cuts her off to say that he knows what happened: his daughter got bruised at a rugby match and an incompetent ER doctor cut off her ear. When told Sarah is currently in surgery, Mr. Mauer is enraged. Anesthesia with Sarah’s heart condition is dangerous. Based on his knowledge, Bailey asks if he’s a doctor. He isn’t. He’s a malpractice attorney.

bailey and sarahs dad

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In surgery, Jackson asks Maggie about game night. She says that she is bring Clive, so he’s more than welcome to bring his own date. He says he’ll bring Priya, and Maggie is surprised they’re still seeing each other. Maggie observes how nice it is to date someone outside of the hospital and talk about things that aren’t medical related. Jackson agrees, but then the two can’t help but discuss an article about pre-hospital antibiotics.

jackson surgery maggie sarah

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Marie thinks Meredith’s proposal is just ‘theories and dreams.’ There’s not enough factual backing to sell Meredith the patent. Marie refers to Meredith as her ‘Mer Mer,’ and Jo points out that Meredith is grown now — not a child — and she shouldn’t be underestimated. With her final answer as a no, Meredith tells Helm to bring in the mouse.

Alex presents Kimmy’s grandmother with the medical marijuana forms to sign. She is outraged that he would give marijuana to a twelve year old and won’t listen to his explanation. Kimmy’s parents were addicts, and she doesn’t want that life for Kimmy. Alex is confused because Kimmy told him that it was her grandmother’s idea. She fires Alex and says they’ll be looking for a new hospital with new doctors.

Pre-surgery, the rugby player with the leg injury is still SHOOK from his ‘almost death.’ His life flashed before his life, giving him a change in attitude.

Arizona and Carina go over the OB medical files while in DeLuca’s hospital room. DeLuca complains and asks them to leave, as their talking is only hurting his head more. Carina continues on, noticing that Lackman has the most fatalities due to C Sections in the hospital. Arizona says their study isn’t intended to single out any specific doctors, though Carina continues to push Arizona to confront Lackman about it.

Jackson reveals Sarah’s ear. He says once the swelling goes down, it’ll hardly be noticeable that anything even happened to it. Sarah asks when they can do her next surgery, but her father is only interested in suing the hospital and never returning. Sarah says they won’t be suing and asks her father to just cheer her on for this.

sarah and pops

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Alex tells the Neuro Team about Kimmy’s grandmother wanting to take Kimmy elsewhere over the medical marijuana suggestion. Amelia says that that’s not how addiction works. Alex wants her to talk to the grandmother, but Amelia would rather not disclose that information to a patient. Sam suggests that they check on DeLuca to make sure his concussion isn’t getting worse. Amelia says that Sam may go do that and to also tell him that she is in love with him while she’s there. Sam pulls out their classic ‘we’re bad for each other’ excuse, but Amelia says ignoring their feelings for each other is what makes them bad for each other.

amelia advises sam

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Helm brings in the mouse and Meredith, Jo and Helm explain that this mouse had its liver removed and replaced by mini livers a week ago. It should have been dead three days ago, but its energy and appetite has returned. Marie notes that they used her polymer without her permission, and Meredith explains their reasoning. Marie observes the mouse and calls Meredith ‘her mother’s daughter.’ Jo looks over at Meredith with pride.

marie and rat

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At Meredith’s house, game night starts. Jackson shows up with Priya, who is super nice and makes conversation with Maggie, seeming interested in her medical innovation project. Clive walks up to introduce himself too, and Maggie devolves into a puddle of giggles. Priya and Clive walk to the living room when there’s another knock at the door. Maggie opens the door, and it’s April. Seeing Maggie and Jackson standing together, April, clearly drunk, says, “So you guys are a thing now, huh? Your parents must be thrilled.”

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April complains that they need teams of two, and no one told her to bring someone for her team. Maggie suggests that the next person to arrive can be on her team. That person is Koracick.

Sam walks into DeLuca’s room and he wakes up. Before she can say anything, DeLuca starts to talk about how they were so young when they were together, but they’re older now and can be more mature. Sam blurts out that she loves him too.

sam deluca concussion

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Arizona talks to Lackman in the parking lot and thanks her for the data. She hands over a file for Lackman to look at, and it’s the hospital’s C Section rates. Arizona points out that a lot of Lackman’s C Sections appear to be out of convenience and not necessity, and often they’re right before Lackman takes a weekend trip. Arizona is concerned about doing unnecessary C Sections, since they can be so risky for the mothers.

lackman file

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At game night, the group plays charades. First up is April and her partner, Koracick. April gestures out ‘Signing in the Rain,’ and after a few incorrect guesses, Koracick guesses correctly. During Priya’s turn, Priya gestures to a ring on her finger, and April calls foul. Everyone wants to let it go, but April won’t, making everyone uncomfortable.

koracick charades

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Alex gives Kimmy’s grandmother a final appeal. He explains that it won’t get her high. He understands her concern because his parents were addicts too. He says this is Kimmy’s best option right now.

Amelia walks by DeLuca’s room and sees DeLuca and Sam being all cute.

Meredith suggests that she and Marie go to dinner and toast their parents and discuss the patent price. Because of jetlag, Marie asks to postpone the celebration until tomorrow. Once Marie is on the elevator, leaving Grey Sloan, Webber asks Meredith if that was Marie Cerone. When it’s confirmed that it was, he asks if she’s less angry now. Meredith is thrown because Marie and her mother were best friends. Webber says he’s not sure what happened between the two of them, but that he had heard ugly rumors at the time. Before Meredith can ask more, Webber is called away.

Back at game night, the group has moved on to Pictionary. Maggie picks up her card and asks if she can pick again due to difficulty. April rejects that request and makes Maggie do it. Her picture (shown below) causes giggles from everyone, but she manages to salvage it. Clive is in the middle of saying “Heimlich maneuver” when the hourglass runs out of time. April says it doesn’t count because he didn’t say it in time. Jackson thinks they should let it go and give Maggie and Clive their victory. April is heated about the rules and how rules need to be followed or else everyone in life is meaningless. After a long awkward silence (aside from Koracick’s applause), the doorbell rings. Maggie expects it to be Arizona and Carina, but it’s Clive’s wife, Daphne. Maggie is mortified as Clive and his wife fight. She says cheating on her during her business trips is his MO, and she found him by tracking his phone. Jackson ushers them out of the house, and Priya suggests that they all leave. April and Koracick leave together. Jackson is reluctant about leaving Maggie alone, but leaves with Priya.

maggie pictionary

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In Bailey’s office, Bailey and Webber crack up over video surveillance of April’s face after she cut off Sarah’s ear.

Amelia invites Owen to game night, but he declines. Before she walks away, he calls himself an idiot and thanks Amelia for everything she’s done for him. She asks if he’s grateful enough to give her sex. She rants that she doesn’t want a relationship but misses the act. She apologizes for suggesting it and says she doesn’t want him to feel used. He walks over and locks the door, telling her to use him however she wants.

Maggie pours herself a glass of wine as the doorbell rings once again. She opens the door to find Helm and Glasses holding flowers and wine for game night. She closes the door in their faces. A moment later, there’s a knock on the door. She expects it to still be the interns, but it’s Jackson. He says he broke up with Priya. When he’s with Priya, he’s just thinking about Maggie. He addresses Maggie’s concern that it’s too complicated, but counters that all relationships are. He says he wants to take her on a date and slowly walks up and kisses her. (YAS!! I’M DEAD.) Meredith rushes in, interrupting them. She doesn’t notice, however, because she’s focused on finding her mother’s journals. She asks for her sister’s help, and Jackson leaves, promising to call.


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Upstairs Meredith flips through journals frantically. She tells Maggie that she gave Marie her method and all of the information on their project, worried that she was played. Likely Marie will steal the approach and claim it as her own, since the polymer is her own.

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Marie stealing Meredith’s project as revenge on her mother? Yikes! But more importantly, our ship is afloat! Bye Clive. You won’t be missed.  Catch Grey’s Anatomy as part of TGIT on ABC!