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Jessica Jones promotional art cover for episode 211 “AKA Three Lives And Counting.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.

**This Article Contains Spoilers for Jessica Jones Episode 211 and Episodes Prior**

“I’ll be in your dreams…I’m inside you forever.”

There’s a lot to digest here. First and foremost, we got to see Kilgrave! Jessica’s accidental murder has broken something inside her, causing the devilish voice of David Tennant to once again whisper in her ear. It was great to see him return to the role, and his trademark creepiness and snark were as present as ever. He was brilliantly used as a foil to Jessica as she dealt with the trauma of killing Dale. They fantastically portrayed how scattered and fragile Jessica’s mind was. The emotional impact of Jessica sparing Karl’s life was incredible, as was the extremely empowering moment when Jessica triumphed over her inner Kilgrave at the end in the hospital.

Now with Trish, I think the show has started to recover from their stumble.  The audience’s expectations were played with when it came to her motivations. Trish was of more sound mind than we thought, even if she was still dealing with some serious baggage. Her eye was never set on Karl refilling the inhaler, but more so in getting the superpowers that Jess had gotten. It makes perfect sense that she would want that—and by extension why she used the inhaler in the first place. Living with an abusive mother, and a super powered sister, can really take a toll on someone. I wish that they hadn’t wasted so many episodes where Trish did nothing but look sick, and instead used that time to slowly show us what was really going on with her. On the bright side, the show is actually going the route of birthing Hellcat,which is awesome.

Now when it came to Trish’s way into those superpowers, Karl was the answer. Karl has been sitting on the sidelines for a few episodes now. I’m glad that the show gave more time to him and IGH before he set off into the sunset. I still don’t think of him as a villain, but more so a misunderstood hero going about his goals the wrong way. He even died protecting his work and legacy from those that would use it for evil. It would seem that his love for Alisa kept him from steering into a darker place, and seeing that moment with the two at the beach helped the audience see their relationship at work.

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David Tennant as Kilgrave. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

While not much attention or details were given to it, I am thankful that Karl was nice enough to finally inform us properly on how the powers come to be. They were a side effect from the reactions of the drugs on specific DNA. This could even mean that Jessica and Alisa are some of the only super powered experiments—though Whizzer’s existence does indicate the potential for more. Now what of IGH? Are we done with them? I do feel that we are still missing some vital information on The company, like the shady business with Koslov and Dr. Hansen. Whether we will get any more information or not, only time will tell.

Malcolm easily had one of his best scenes to date, one that the season has been building towards: Malcolm and Jessica finally hashing it out in the hospital.  What made this scene fantastic was the raw emotion between the two of them. They have really never opened up to each other, or had an honest conversation. But everything was out in the open, as they verbally assaulted each other. Each of them had valid points, each lashing out at the other with hard truths. I really liked how Jessica brought up his addiction extending to his dating app and Trish habits, while Malcolm made sure to set Jessica straight on how she has treated him. Malcolm even stood his ground, making sure to quit in case his firing didn’t stick. I’m sure they will make up at some point, but they will come out the other end with a strong and reinforced relationship.

Now with Alisa, she got to experience a nice little calm before the storm. She was treated to a brand new, too nice guard. She got to be there for her daughter, comforting her best she could after realizing what had happened. It’s a shame then, that Karl ended his life, and now Alisa knows. Part of me questions Karl’s choice, simply because he knows how Alisa will react. I guess his work and legacy were more important to protect, and his steadfast faith in Jessica to calm her was enough.

Krysten Ritter fired on all cylinders as Jessica Jones had fight to come back from the breaking point. A re-visit from Kilgrave was great fun, Trish’s story finally started hitting the right notes, and Malcolm finally had an honest conversation with Jessica. With Alisa triggered and on the loose, Jessica’s life isn’t going to get any easier.

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Bones Notes:

  • I really enjoyed the use of jump cutting to express Jessica’s strained psyche.
  • The melding of Jessica and Kilgrave’s dialogue at the end with Karl was fantastically done. Perfectly representing Jessica completely snapping, and then pulling herself together before she was completely lost.
  • I can see it now. Season 3 is Jess babysitting Trish as she tries to be a vigilante in the same vein as Daredevil.
Jessica Jones 211 Poster

Jessica Jones promotional art cover for episode 211 “AKA Three Lives And Counting.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.

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