We begin with Hannah interviewing for a teaching position at a college upstate. She would be teaching students about writing for the internet. On the way to her interview Hannah passes three college students sitting on the grass together. She stops and tells them to appreciate their friendship and to take care of it. She’s obviously recognizing the distance that has grown in her own circle of friends, considering Marnie is the only one she is currently talking too.

On the way home from the interview Hannah receives a call from the head of the writing department, Phaedra, offering her the job. Hannah tells her she would like to take a day to think about it and Phaedra gives her until Monday.

I need to take the time to say how amazing Ann Dowd was as Phaedra. She was a complete scene stealer in the best way and the interview scene was a great opener to the episode. Phaedra is passionate, honest, and sassy. She tells Hannah how beautiful and powerful young mothers and pregnant women are. She also adds,”You know who Norman Mailer is?” and Hannah enthusiastically replies, “Yeah, Norman Mailer!”. Phaedra continues, “He had a friend named Jeff who was fucking crazy for me”. Oh Phaedra.

Hannah tells Elijah about the job opportunity and of course he is horrified that she would even consider leaving the city. She explains that she has to think about what’s best for her baby and this job provides health care.

Hannah also meets up with her dad and Keith. Her dad encourages her to take the new job and ensures her that they will visit.

Hannah calls Marnie several times, in hopes to discuss her job offer but Marnie doesn’t answer.

Hannah shows up to Shoshanna’s apartment after she tries to call her and learns that she changed her number. Hannah is shocked to find that not only is Shosh throwing a party that Hannah wasn’t invited to, but it’s Shosh’s engagement party. We haven’t seen a lot of Shosh this season mainly because Hannah hasn’t been spending time with her. I love that the writers showed Shosh’s storyline didn’t stop just because she wasn’t in an episode. She apparently met Byron at a Sprinkles Cupcakes vending machine. Seriously.

Hannah sees Marnie and confronts her about ignoring her phone calls. Marnie confesses that she didn’t want Hannah to feel left out for no being invited to the party.

As the party continues all four girls are reunited which leads to bathroom meeting to discuss the problems they have with each other. As Marnie tries to get them to a state of peace, Shoshanna calls bullshit and tells them what we’ve all been thinking, which is that it’s time for them to let go of trying to make their friendship work. They’ve all changed and are moving in different directions. This isn’t always a bad thing and I love that the show didn’t try to force a happy, “we’re all in this together”, perfect ending.

Although there is one more episode left, this was the last episode for Jessa and Shoshanna. Hannah and Jessa get closure when Jessa hands Hannah a baby gift. When Hannah sees that it’s a dress she reveals for the first time that she’s actually having a boy.  They laugh at the thought of Hannah raising a boy and Hannah reveals her fears. Jessa assures Hannah that her son will be perfect. Jessa apologizes and they both cry and admit that they have made mistakes but were just trying their best. They decide to stay at the party and guess what? They actually enjoy themselves! All four of the girls do actually. Once they finally let go of the resentment toward each other they were able to dance and have fun.

Hannah accepts the job offer and moves into her new house. It’s exciting to see Hannah prepare for this phase of her life. She has grown so much in the sixth season. I love that she is able to say goodbye to New York City and the life she thought she wanted. Sometimes we have to let go of old dreams to make room for new ones.