If you’re currently trapped at home and can’t go out and experience the world as you normally would, because of the Coronavirus that is impinging on our species’ safety* And on top of that, you’re potentially spending too much time with your loved ones.. I can offer you something to break the tension or bring you together without painful amounts of conversation. TV and film binges are the way forward. Even if it’s just nighttime viewings. Though you’d be surprised how enjoyable couch days can be – bring down several duvets – lighting the fire – make some epic snacks – possibly some layered nachos… And dive into the series and film franchises that you’ve always had on your list but never really had the time to actually sit down to without massive amounts of guilt occurring in your heads.

This is the time to be the partially-lazy cocoon-wrapped toasty bun you’ve always wanted to be. If there have always been films or series that you’ve “never had the time to watch” well then, my friend, you have literally just been handed a golden opportunity. And if you’re not entirely sure what to check out during your free time courtesy of the Corona-virus – then have a read below and find something to suit your mood. This will be the smaller of the articles I’ll be writing – with only five suggestions of significant series – the others will have splits between different genre’s and moods but these are all intellectually engaging, some witty, some incredible… and dark, some highly intriguing. Regardless of their respective genre’s these are all significant series to have graced the earth and are very much worth a watch… and then a rewatch!

what to binge watch during quarantine

Source: True Detective

(1) True Detective. 10/10. This is undoubtedly one of the most refined, intellectual flawless masterpieces that television has ever created. But, let me be crystal clear – this recommendation is for the first series of this show. (S01) NOT for the second series… which was an absolute shambles, and lands below the bottom of the proverbial barrel. The writer and creator of the series Nick Pizzolatto, spent nearly nine years writing, editing, and rewriting the script, with impeccable attention to detail. It features eight episodes and follows detectives Rust and Cole, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, respectively, as they attempt to solve a series of murders in the Bayou.

The series is dripping in philosophy and it saturates every minute, every second, every sentence within it. It tells an intricate and tantalizing tale, and every cell is sold. Every word, every single frame of the series is considered and constructed with a specific purpose. If you’re one of those assholes that periodically checks their phone and zones out (which I have no issue with whilst watching series like Friends or The Simpsons) don’t even think of it. Or ask your watching partner to smack you over the head any time your attention deviates. But the reality is you will be so compelled that the idea of your eyes leaving the screen becomes mute. I understand that at this point of the paragraph it’s easy for you to brush it off thinking I’ve oversold this or pumped it up too much that it can only disappoint….but you’ll find that by the time that you finish the first episode – any doubts will be eradicated.

Firefly - things to binge watch edit

Source: Firefly 

(2) Firefly. 9.1/10.   This heavenly series debuted in 2002 and, to the chagrin of the world, only ran for one season. Something that myself and thousands of undying fans lament each year – when watching spectacularly terrible series get renewed year after year. Its cast features Nathan Fillion as the protagonist, and is backed by many other household names – a favorite being Alan Tudyk (or as he’s better known, ‘Steve The Pirate’ from Dodgeball). The series follows a vagabond crew of space cowboys as they adventure throughout the galaxy. This is by far one of the series I adore most, with only one season (15 episodes) but the first episode is an hour and a half long. A little like watching a film and then a series. It’s epic. And unforgettable.

House md edit

Source: Fox House MD

(3) House MD.  8.9/10.    –  This series truthfully needs no bio or introduction, if I could only watch one series for the rest of my life, it would be to watch and savor the eight series and 176 episodes of the endearingly abrasive Greg House. The titled character is based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, who in this variation solves diagnostic differentials rather than murders or crimes. The two-pronged undeniable links come, with the first in the form of the stereotype that was cultivated with the character of Holmes; an underappreciated and unparalleled genius who’s highly antisocial and who has a substance abuse problem, for Holmes it was cocaine – for House, its Vicodin. The second, being his side-kick/ compadre ‘Wilson’ – whose name was kept exactly as for the variant series. It’s incredibly sharp and witty, highly intelligent, addictive and will have you near-constantly smirking at his eccentricities and misdemeanors. Whilst falling into a rare and unusual adoration of a character that isn’t necessarily all good. It is an incomparable series that you will very quickly fall into.

WACO edit

Source: Waco

(4) WACO.  8.8/10.   – Starring Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch – this six-part mini-series brings to life one of the most unbelievable stories in history. The controversy that has surrounded the event that took place in Waco Texas haunts countless minds still to this day. It tells the story of a cult called the Branch Davidians; and their leader David Koresh in the early ’90s. It details the events that occurred before, during and after the standoff between the Cult and the FBI. The longest standoff that has ever taken place – even still to this day, clocking in at fifty-one days. The series is based on two books written by people who were there on the ground. The first comes from the lead FBI negotiator and the other from one of the few WACO survivors who lived through every minute of it. It is a highly fascinating and illuminating series that opens your eyes to the truth of what happened – and the complete and utter bullshit that was the story the public was given. As there are only six episodes in this mini-series, I would recommend watching in twos or threes. Impeccably crafted piece of television.

the xfiles edit

Source: X-Files

(5) The X-Files.  8.6/10    – This is the ultimate cult series, (and the first one, at least in the way that we understand and recognize ‘cult’ series to be) It follows Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) who over the course of a case within the FBI, set up a new department: The X-Files. All the cases that are potentially supernatural or have claims to be anything out of the regular terrestrial – aka anything with extra-terrestrial situations. There is nine heavenly series – as a juggernaut of such, there’s a hell of a lot of mystery, wit, humor and crazy amounts of intrigue and action. Get started.