Fresh Off the Boat managed to pull off a full cast episode, with 3 storylines, including the whole family, while still having a memorable and cohesive episode. They even squeezed in Grandma Huang with a classic Eddie music walk in and a few reaction faces.

Sassy Edie- Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

This episode, approximately a 9/10 featured the most relatable storyline where Evan feels underappreciated when he reveals that he has been playing the mom role behind the scenes that’s allowed Eddie to have easier days and earn honor roll. A classic case of underestimating and wanting thanks that everyone can relate to at some point, it also pushed an all-ages bonding moment between the brothers that we don’t always get on Fresh Off the Boat, amd doesn’t always land well when we do. Honey identifying Evan needing guidance and guiding him while treating him as an equal was an impressive display of motherhood and Chelsea Crisp continues to act the heck of that role. The final twist that Evan forgot his homework but Eddie still saving him by noticing it in his own forgetfulness and putting their fight aside was a perfect ending, and the call back to Eddie being their teacher’s favorite from last year was a great continuity touch, and Eddie being the mom friend to Nicole? Priceless.

Spinach sandwich trick – Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

St Patrick’s Day – Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Speaking of continuity, we finally got progress on the awkwardness of Kenny Rogers ownership of Cattleman’ Ranch and Louis will get to buy his half back for pennies on the dollar. Unfortunately, it means having to fire his new friend Matthew Chestnut on his favorote holiday (the episode lost a point for airing a St. Patricks Day episode ridiculously early). Marvin was fun with more misguided advice and some drunken comedy for all the dads watching. Our hope for Cattleman’s? Louis opens a second location and hires Matthew as a manager. Ideally this will bring back the OG Cattleman’s crew that wasn’t written off but just didn’t come back for season 4, because we’ve missed them.

A case of a face to the soup – Fresh off the Boat – ABC

Jessica’s storyline was a police ride along, and it was a fun way to add depth to her novel storyline to get “authenticity”. Her plan worked and the flip from Jessica barfing from seeing a real dead body to moments later taking notes is so on brand we cant even be nad about the slight continuity error that she was promoting a book on a mornign news show that didn’t have a pending date and is still on review and draft editing. Another ding to points but its a solid episode and we hope that its awkward hit and miss schedule resulting in a .5 million viewer drop from the last episode doesn’t hurt our chances of a still pending renewal season 5.