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Hello, hello! It has been a few weeks, good to know you all are still interested in the show. Let us dive right in! We start the episode off very seriously, Mina standing in a room, with 3 photos of patients on a screen behind her. Its actually an auditorium, and many of the residents and hospital staff watch on. It seems something has happened during the surgeries, and Mina is at fault.  3 cases. Ed, who needs a testicle removed, a hard working mother named Christine, and York, with an odd kink fetish and something lodged somewhere…. Irving brings in the humor by sending Devon pictures of cases just like York’s, much to Devon’s displeasure.

It seems Christine has an aneurysm, and surgery is needed, putting all three patients on the docket for surgeries. The hospital wants to do more surgeries, even though a Dr. Stacy Leonard is against the idea. Bell will do two surgeries at once. Of course, Conrad and Nic try their hardest to get Bell from doing both Christine and Ed’s surgery, and talk to Jude. They manage to get Jude to do Christine’s surgery, but then York took her spot. They also introduce a new doctor, Bradley, who just got off a 30 hour shift. Bell approaches him, tell him he will be assisting during the two surgeries. I am curious why Bradley didn’t take a nap while Bell prepped.

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Anyways, the surgeries begin, York and Ed are both under, with Mina taking lead on Ed, and Bradley taking lead for York. Halfway through, before Mina makes the cut, Bradley passes out, and causes complications. Mina leaves Ed to help Bell, but then, Christine’s aneurysm bursts. To explain, an aneurysm is a thinning of the artery walls, making it easy for a rupture, or burst, and the arteries carry a lot of blood to and from the heart, so a rupture and lead to massive internal bleeding. So, Ed’s still out, York is being patched up, and Mina is working on Christine, wondering where Jude is. It seems the patient he was working on had a rare bleeding condition and passed away under the knife.

It turns out during the chaos, Jessica the nurse cleaned Ed’s incision mark, and Mina accidentally removed the healthy organ, which means he will not have either testicle. His girlfriend or wife had mentioned with one healthy organ, they could still have children, but now, no way. Bell throws her under the bus, even though she claims all responsibility. Of course, Mina is unfazed, and ends the episode in an amazing dress. Irving does mention how amazing she looks, and I really hope they get together at some point. Cute power couple.

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While all the madness is going on, Nic is questioning Dr. Lane more and more, wondering if the Chemo dosage is too high, even going so far as to ask Lily if she ever considered getting a second opinion. Of course, it blows up in Nic’s face, because Lily must of told Lane, and Lane pulls her and all her patients from Nic’s care. Shocker. I hope that everyone makes it, but got a feeling Lily will pass away in the series, but only after she has been around long enough to get into our hearts.

The series did my least favorite thing- let issues develop off screen. Jude and Conrad were fine and dandy. Last time we saw them, Jude asked if Nic was single. And later, we saw him ask her to a concert. That’s it. Now, Conrad has issues with his good friend and army buddy? How did Conrad find out about the attraction? See, at the end of the episode, we see Jude and Nic walking to Jude’s car. If that was before the confrontation, I would understand it better. Oh well. Overall, liked the episode, still like Irving the most out of everyone, and I hope I will fall in love with the series soon.

r 5.2

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Oh, and this guy is someone important, one who might make a donation to the hospital, and is also Conrad’s dad. Why throw this at the end? Because the episode did, and you saw the writing on the wall when Nic brought up Conrad’s past, and he said he didn’t get along with his father. I was just hoping they would give it another episode before bringing him in. Oh well, tata for now, and see you all next week. Until then, stay shiny!