Book: Obsidian

Author: Jennifer L Armentrout

pages: 335

Genre: SYFY

Katy has just moved from Florida to West Virginia. Her mother decided to relocate, after her husband, and Katy father passed away. Her mother felt that she needed a change, too many sad memories. Katy is not too happy about having to relocate away from her home and friends. But she tries to make due and put on a happy face for her mom. Trying to get the house together, Kat realized that they need groceries. Her mom is headed to work and informs Kat that she has seen two kids next door that looks about her age.  She makes her way over to the house, knocks on the door and encounters a very rude person and to top off he is what she would consider gorgeous with eerie green eyes. Despite his good looks the guy turns out to be a complete jerk but she manages to get the directions and heads to the store.

While at the store Kat encounters a girl who looks like a female version of her not so friendly next door neighbor. But, Dee, turns out to be very nice and kindhearted and she instantly likes her. She also apologizes for her brother, who turns out to be named Daemon, and is happy she moved next door so they can become good friends. While talking to Dee in the store, Kat begins to notice how people behave around Dee. Even hears a mother scolding her child for getting to close to Dee. This baffles her but Kat decides to disregard it because she likes Dee so much. They two become fast friends much to the annoyance of Daemon who doesn’t want Kat anywhere near Dee.

Over the next few months, Dee and Kat become close friends and spend a lot of time together. Kat becomes immersed in Dee’s life. Kat also meets three kids that are similar to Dee and they can’t stand her either. And Kat finds out that Dee has another brother, Dawson who disappeared a year ago. Other strange things begin to happen to Kat. While on a forced hike with Daemon, they encounter a bear, and with a flash of light she passes out. When she comes to, she is at home waking up in Daemon’s arms and there is no more bear. Next, Kat is attacked by a strange man in the parking lot of the town’s library. Wishing that she would have heeded Dee’s words to not go alone, Kat takes the man’s beating her and asking where they are. But she doesn’t understand who he means. Just as Kat thinks she is going to die, she is saved by Daemon.

After a particularly embarrassing encounter with Daemon at school, in which she dumps food on him, Kat braces for a war that never comes. While in class Daemon tells her that he needs to talk with her after school. She anticipates what he wants to talk to her about and can’t wait for night to come. Daemon coaxed her out for a walk and she follows begrudgingly. Soon Kat realizes that this talk is not at all what she imagines. Daemon basically tells her to stay away from them and leave them alone. Still not understanding, Kat gets fed up and heads back through the woods alone. Trying to get away from Daemon, Kat is almost hit by a car. But the car stops right before it hits her. When she turns she notices Daemon and the car is shaking from the force. Then, right before her eyes, Daemon transforms into pure light. Kat takes off through the woods again not understanding what she has just seen.

After finding out what that all means, she understands that he and Dee are not quite human. Daemon also explains what happens when people get close to them and that is his reason for telling her to stay away. But Kat says she can handle it and she still wants to be Dee’s friend. Before long, Kat is in danger once again because of her alien friends and it could mean her life. Can Daemon and Dee trust her enough to remain friends? Will Kat become a burden to them? Can she find out about what really happened to Dawson? Will Kat lose her life to help her friends? But one thing Kat definitely knows is that her life has changed forever.