Source: CW The Flash

Episode 11 of season 3 of The Flash was a fun change of pace. We see a great opening of Barry and Wally tag teaming it out and seeing Julian as a member of Team Flash. I really enjoy Julian’s chemistry and input to the team and his struggles for being more positive. They kept this going throughout the whole episode in small but good doses. Dead Or Alive main focus was HR Wells being charged with jumping to another earth which is highly illegal on his earth and punishable by death. We get a character called, Gypsy who jumps across the multiverse rounding up criminals. We get a trail by combat situation between Cisco and Gypsy due to The team not wanting HR to be killed and him on their Earth. Surprisingly Cisco challenges Gypsy to save HR . This episode is more or less to further along Cisco’s powers and shows his relationship with HR Wells. I really found my myself enjoying their scenes together and seeing them grow closer. I also enjoyed how he explains his need to get away from his Earth and start fresh to finally be alive. There was a subplot of Iris stopping a arms dealer with Wally which was a nice throwback to Flashpoint.It was interesting seeing Iris reacting to hearing her future death.Iris knows she on barrow time so it nice to see her character do more with her time and spend it as much with Wally..Her not fearing death differently added a layer to her character and curious to see where this leads to.