Mark Millar took to Facebook this weekend to announce who would be taking over Hit Girl after issue #5 and it’s none other than Jeff Lemire (Thanos, Royal City, Black Hammer, and more) with Argentinian artist Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets, Batman, Spaceman, and more). 

Millar will begin the new series with artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz until the new creative team takes over. The series will debut this week in an oversized issue featuring Kevin Smith, Rafa Albuquerque, Amy Reeder and more that will be released by Image Comics.

This news comes just days after Millar’s newest Kick-Ass effort, with artist John Romita Jr., sold out and immediately went back to print. The second print will be released on March 14th, just a week before the next installment in Kick-Ass is released.